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5 Best Text-to-Speech Voice Generator Software | One Of Them Sucks!

There are multiple text-to-speech voice generator programs out there you can use. However, not all of them are worth the price.

Although some text-to-speech voice generator systems offer you excellent deals when it comes to pricing and subscriptions, it would be best if you looked into the basic features that suit your need and then decide whether it is worth your investment or not.

We have tested and reviewed multiple similar software, and now we bring you this list with the best text-to-speech voice generator software review in hierarchy order according to their values. There is no particular order on the list, although some contain features not available in other systems.

As you may know that hiring an artist to do a voiceover for you can be really costly, now come with these speech generator software are designed to help video creator to save cost.

In general, we will be exploring these programs and their features. We picked 5 top text to speech voice creating programs that we have tested:

1. Voicely
2. Speechelo
3. Vidnami
4. Newscaster Vocalizer
5. Synthesys



For the first text-to-speech voice generator software, we will talk about Voicely which is part of a recent product owned by Vidtoon.

Voicely is one of the most versatile options that is fully automated with its Ai system as it allows you to create different audio project with multiple functions, including videos of all types and podcasts.

Voicely includes many different voices in different languages and accents. You can select the tone you would like your audio to have. It is the perfect way of providing a professional vocal for your project if you don’t have a microphone or don’t have an excellent voice to record.

This text-to-speech sound generating software advertises itself as “the perfect tool for professional voiceovers” and we can say they are not wrong about that.

As with other similar programs, must paste the text in the software’s script box and then click to generate it. As for the punctuation marks, Voicely has been recognized as one of the best software for this purpose, as it can mimic a human being talking perfectly and naturally. You can include a background music to the narration as well.

You can also choose between different languages, modify the speed and pitch of the speaking voice. It’s an excellent and multi-function tool to create voiceovers for people who can’t afford to hire a freelancer.

When you finish with your script, you will be allowed to convert it into an MP3 file, which is compatible with most devices.

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Speechelo uses artificial intelligence to help you create voiceovers for your videos. The main feature of Speechelo, a text-to-speech voice generator based system, is that you can choose between several languages and gender options.

Speechelo includes additional features, in the following:

• You can select a tone for your vocal that matches your video’s atmosphere. You can choose from standard, joyful, and even sad styles to make your new audiovisual project more emotional or funny, depending on what you wish to create.

• Pick between different languages, and see how they work in different tones. Using Speechelo is as easy as pasting the text, clicking a tab, and waiting for the program to generate a preview for your audio.

• However, there are no limited text you can generate per script, as for the Pro-version you will get the unlimited text inputs to convert a long script into speech. Your text can be as lengthy as you want, and you don’t have to pay additional for using it.

• Speechelo comes with the language auto-translation feature! This unique translator is excellent for those whose audience comes from a different country.

Speechelo’s prices vary, but the “pro” version costs $47. The price tag is worth it for all these features!

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Although Vidnami is categorized as text-to-speech software and video maker, there are more features to this system that most people overlook. However, here we present most of its useful features.

Vidnami is one of the most useful programs for creating videos. Not only it has a video editor integrated, but it also includes several features to make speech, music and many more extras for you to create high-quality projects.

Unfortunately, when it comes to voices, Vidnami is more limited. There are only a few voices available, but you can pick between multiple accents.

Although most text-to-speech voice generator software includes more choices of speech – and Vidnami is more inadequate, we would like to point out that the best voices we have tested from this software are Harry, Heidi, and Luke. The first voice has a UK accent, while the other two speak in American English.

It is a video-maker with a library full of licensed-free videos that you can use to create your project. Vidnami is best for visual creation with automated captions that you can upload instantly onto Youtube.

The standard price for Vidnami is $47 per month. However, when you purchase Vidnami, you are purchasing a complete video editor, which is an excellent deal. The annual plan costs $397 yearly, it’s still a perfect choice for visual creator with no experience.

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Newscaster Vocalizer


The next Ai automated voice over script system we would like to present is ‘Newscaster Vocalizer‘, even though we rated it as ‘Top 4’ but that doesn’t make it less useful.

Several media companies, including some recognizable huge brands like CNN and Fox News are focusing into creating more video online than for television in knowing that online videos make the most profits. Some bloggers and YouTubers have talked about how this program is a game-changer in the industry, as it helps them produce high-quality voiceovers within a few minutes. Also depend on how you modify the tone and pitch to make it sound like a real human voice.

You don’t have to worry about a robotic voice that may compromise your video’s quality. Newscaster Vocalizer includes multiple languages, tones, and many other features for you to customize your voice over completely.

Once you have decided the text you want for your video, paste it into the script box, click on “generate,” and the program will do its magic.

You are only three steps away from high-quality audio!

Newscaster Vocalizer includes another perk not available in most of these programs, as it applied Amazon Polly Newscaster and their new text-to-speech technology into the software. There is no need to download anything. You can access all your voiceovers from any device, anywhere around the world.

There are more than 21 languages available in Newscaster Vocalizer. When it comes to English and Spanish, you can choose between different accents!

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Synthesys Speech Technology


Synthesys is another excellent choice for producing a voice-over. They claim to use recorded real human voice to produce the speech. If you are looking for a simple English-only text-to-speech generator that doesn’t include much feature that fit in the same category like the rest, then Synthesys will be your new best tool. Since they don’t work with Amazon or Google, the software comes with only one language.

You can use this program to create high-quality English speaking voice-over projects with all the available credits. It derives with 30K credits, each word is count as per credit use.

This program has a good advantage over other systems is that there is no need to purchase a monthly or yearly subscription but if you run out of credits you will have to purchase them again. You get the whole plan for a single price and get total access to it after your payment has been processed.

Synthesys lets you choose between 8 professional voice tones, and you can add your voiceover to your video directly from the software. There are export and import options if you want to use an external program or add your voiceover to the video.

Click here to visit Synthesys Official Website

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