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Aweber Review – Does It Meet Our Expectation?

Aweber is a well-known newsletter tool among internet marketers for promoting their business via emailing campaign. The platform is simpler to use but it isn’t our favorite email marketing solution due to lack of advance features such as webinar and CRM built-in.

Aweber used to be a top choice for many people because of its simplicity, but lose its place to ‘Getresponse‘ which is a more advance email tool offering superior features. 

This email solution platform offer one price plan that make it easier for everyone to use without much research and comparison. If you need to increase more subscriber database, just pick a more expensive plan, ‘Aweber’ isn’t the least expensive newsletter tool on the market. it cost $19/m for 500 subscribers while Getresponse offer $15/m for 1000 subscriber list and further than that MailChimp and Mailerlite offer 500 subscriber plan for free.

Aweber is more expensive email marketing software compare to other service providers. Let examine some unique features of Aweber and see what they get to offer:


Aweber Price Plan

$19/m – 500 subscribers

$29/m – 2500 subscribers

$49/m – 5000 subscribers

$69/m – 10,000 subscribers

$149/m – 25,000 subscribers

$239/m – 50,000 subscribers

$369/m – 100,000 subscribers

Editor’s comment:

Aweber is not that bad and isn’t the best choice for a newsletter tool. It works just like most other platforms that will automatically upgrade your membership plan once your list has reached the limit just like other email marketing companies. 

Inactive subscriber will be removed automatically. However, you still need to monitor your audiences to keep in touch with your active users and remove the undelivered or high bounce rate users some are fake emails. The cost of Aweber will count toward your bill.

The good part is you are able to cancel your subscription anytime. There is no contract tied or hidden cost.


As mentioned Aweber email solution does not reach our expectation. If you have been using other softwares, keep that up or if you are planning to use a simplicity newsletter tool and regardless of the price then this platform is for you.

They offer most of the basic features that other companies do, just sending email with simple template and nothing more. We are disappointed that Aweber does not want to upgrade their features to compete with others. There isn’t much change since the past 5 years.

You can even get a free service from Mailchimp and Mailerlite for 500 users list. If you are a huge corporation or enterprise, or looking for a more advance email marketing software, we would recommend Getresponse.

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