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Top Food Tours in Bangkok That is so Damn Good and Should Not Miss

Food Adventure Food Tours in Bangkok

The tour is operated by Kijsiravej, a company existed in Bangkok. It has a network of food tours around the city with various packages and prices. The food tour company has been established since December 2017, run by a local guide who was born and raise in the area. The guide speak fluent English and expertise in Thai foods. The tour cover the range between Hua Lumphong railway station and Chinatown. List of foods are a combination of Thai-Chinese style cuisine that is exotic and authentic that passed down from past generation which is very popular among the local people. At this affordable price. the guide will also bring you to an expensive bar for a beer at the last stop that other food tours usually don’t bring you to. I have spoken to the guide that he always have 2 to 6 guests for each tour. If you enjoy a tour with less people or want to feel like a private tour while paying for regular price then it is a best choice for you. If you join the tour with this promo code you get 10% discount.

Pro: Reasonable price, several kind of exotic foods and desserts, less number of guests on a tour, sufficient potion of foods for each stop
Con: Minimum 2 participates

Discount code: BKKFT10
Official website: Food Adventure Food Tours

Bangkok Food Tours

A part of Navatas Travel company. It has quite a variety of tour program that cover most part of Thailand and overseas. Guide isn’t local people but she is knowledgeable about Thai foods. Menu are very typical. I have booked for the Tuk Tuk, motorcycle and bike tour, they are a decent ride but the foods are typical and cheap that you can find almost anywhere in Bangkok. My experience with their food tour is mediocre and not memorable. Some of their tour programs required to have a sufficient number of guests before they can run the tour. Tour is crowded with a group of 8 to 12 guests most of the time. Compare to the quality of foods and tour experience with the price, I do not think it is quite worthwhile for my money.

Pro: Variety of tour programs, flexible schedule availability,
Con: Expensive, crowded tour with pack of guests, typical foods, portion of food doesn’t fill up your stomach, must have sufficient number of guests before they can run the tour

Official website: Bangkok Food Tours

Taste Of Thailand Food Tours

The company is run by a group of American Entrepreneurs and the tour is operated since 2011. It has a variety of tour program that running in Bangkok, Ayutthaya and Chiangmai. The tour covered a wide range of Thai street foods but mostly typical and can be easily discover by your own. The guide is a local Thai who can speak a decent level of English but sometime the guide didn’t tell us anything about the foods or the restaurant that he brought us to. It is a local story tour and not really feel like a food tour.

Pro: Variety of tour programs, decent foods, cover wide range of menu
Con: Expensive, crowded tour with pack of guests, typical and cheap foods, guide not articulate or audible

Official Website: Taste Of Thailand

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