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Getresponse Review – Read this before you buy

If you are searching for a professional email marketing tool, ‘Getresponse‘ claimed to be the most efficient and professional newsletter tool and auto-responder on the internet nowaday. Getresponse is run by a polish company, Simon Grabowski who is the CEO of the company has been operating the auto-responder system since 2005. Their database handled approximately 1 billion subscribers on a month basis.

This email marketing platform is efficient enough to handle hundred of corporate marketing campaign through email from a message layout design, A/B testing and video marketing via email.

Getresponse also attract a lot of internet marketers. The most important feature beside newsletter is “Sales Funnel” or known as auto-funnel which is a system that setup to run a series of newsletter campaign. The auto funnel allow to be embedded on a landing page with ease, the best part is it can be automated to trigger on a geography and based on some specific attributes. Not only it can assist in traffic generation, it does online payment for online store as well.

On a higher plan, this email marketing software does also include webinar with extra feature like the built-in CRM (Customer Relationship Management), this feature isn’t very common in most email auto-responder but Getresponder offer them for entrepreneur and corporate to engage automated campaign in an efficient way.

Getresponse in dept review:

Getresponse is an all-in-one email marketing tool which offer landing page for collecting information from subscribers, run webinar system, with built-in CRM and message broadcast automated services. It is one of our favorite newsletter tool and we will review this system deeply for you to let you decide if it does suit for your business.

Pros & Cons:

  • A lot of email features designed for individual entrepreneur to corporate enterprise
  • The most powerful email & newsletter tools with affordable price plan
  • CRM is a unique feature
  • The advanced automated function isn’t user-friendly
  • Affordable price plan for everyone
  • Mediocre deliverability rate

Is Getresponse the right email marketing tool for you?

Recommendation For:

List Builder
We have been using Getresponse for a year. What we discovered is it is a decent email auto-responder tool on the market. The overall usage style is quite flexible that made for small to big business owner. Landing page can be editable on the platform. Google Analytics code can be embedded on the landing page as well. You can build your list with their advanced automated feature that allowing you to capture and nurture new leads with your landing page and easily manage a series of email segmentation. The auto funnel feature let you organize and track on the conversion in simple way.

Design Testing
You can test your design for spam filtering. It is very useful and easy without much cost. It is very important to make sure that your message is white listed and delivered to your client’s inbox and not spam.

Getresponse is filled with a lot of features to help online shop owner with the sales. No matter what kind of platform that you use to run your business, either wordpress, Shopify, Magneto, etc. This email system can be integrated for follow-up message with abandoned cart, dynamic email content, and tracking the sales campaign. These features are available for professional price plan. While for small business owner or individual who either sell physical products or services, auto-funnel is available at all level plans. It is ideal for every business to connect with your subscribers.

Advanced Automation
It allows the business owner to setup a full automated whole flow with a full range of actions such as email sending to a specific group of recipient with conditions and data segmentation.

Getresponse is Not For:

Freebie seeker
Getresponse is not free at all but it offer a full 30 days trial. You can try it for free to see if it does suit your business.

Deliverability rates
Getresponse still need some improvement for its delivery rate. From our test, the deliver rate range from 75.6 to 87.5 percent. It isn’t bad but still need some room for better performance. You may want to check out ActiveCampaign for its superior deliverability performance.


getresponse review

Additional Features

Feature Rating

The navigation surface is easy to use. For first timer, you shouldn’t have any problem navigating around as the platform comes with handy quick action. Dashboard can be customize and add any widget as you desire. You will have full control of the panel. But it is quite confusing when try to exist the editor interface.

Ease of use

The editor surface for creating and editing is very easy to use and you can compose your newsletter with ease. It includes undo/redo button to correct your history. The editing panel include a variety of tools that may take sometime for you to master. 

Message Creation & Editing

Its offer A/B testing option, classic email template, from RSS style to corporate promotional newsletter. It is responsive.

Email Template & Management

The email design is quite flexible and offer a huge library of template and design for you to choose from. All designs are responsive.

Email Design Flexibility

This feature is only available on professional price plan. It allows you to create a complex automated email sequence. Beside from sending email that based on specific criteria, you can also migrate subscriber between different list.

Email Automation

The selling point of Getresponse is the list management which allow you to filter your contact by segmenting with field data. There is section where you can manage your list with healthy contact or blacklist the contact.

List Management

You can create your own opt-in template on your landing page. The platform include several types of integration where you can customize with your own design. It gives you the flexibility to either edit it on your own hosted website or getresponse form.

Sign up / Opt-in Opt-out Process

Deliverability rate is the only inferior point of Getresponse. Overall, it is still a decent auto-responder to run your email campaign at all levels.


The data analysis report is break into specific detail like Desktop vs. mobile, email open and clicking rate, etc. in chart view display. Google analytics can also be integrate to give you a detail report. Including ecommerce tracking to display sales and conversion reports in detail.

Date Report & Analysis

Availabe in 25 languages


Client support is available via live chat and email. There will always someone getting back to you within an hour, for urgent matter you can go via live chat. 


Getresponse Price Plan

Basic: 1000 List

Plus: 2500 List

Professional: 5000 List

Enterprise: 10,000 List


Getresponse made it easy for everyone to use. The advanced automation interface can be confusing at first but it seem simple once you manage to get over with the learning curve. Not many newsletter tool offer such great features with great list managing system and simple workflow.

While working on creating message with templates on their online platform, it is quite responsive and ease of use. Getresponse is also available as an application on iOS and Android, you can send any message on your phone right away and track your data.

This auto-responder tool has all the improved and great features like the webinar, CRM built-in, automated system, data customization and auto-funnel that make it worthwhile your investment. A nearly perfect software if they can work on the improvement of the deliverability rate, but still a great email tool. We highly recommend Getresponse for building your client list. 

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