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Golden Triangle Tour – A ‘Must-See’ Destination

If you are planning to have a trip to south-east Asia for holiday either alone, as a couple or with group, I would suggest ‘Golden Triangle’ which is a must-see destination in the region.

History of Golden Triangle

Golden Triangle is a famous sightseeing tourist attraction place in south-east Asia. It is located right in the middle of the border of Republic of Laos, Myanmar and Thailand. In the past, it is well-known for drug trafficking like the major opium production until the authority wiped them all out and turn it into a natural park for visitor. In the modern day, this area has became a popular attraction for foreign and local tourists. The government of Laos has established this place as special economic zone. There are people from all over the world are coming to visit and spend their vacation at the golden triangle.

The Modern Golden Triangle

Since the area is in between Laos, Burma (Myanmar) and Thailand. You can spend half of the day visiting three countries simultaneously by crossing the borders. You can cross the border by boat or punt. There is a jet boat available for service at the river. It cost less than $15 to get you across.

There are many 5 stars hotel and resorts, casinos and adult entertainment facilities being set up within the Golden Triangle to serve many tourists from all over the world. It is an extremely safe place to visit in south-east Asia nowaday.

Nearby Attraction

The House of Opium Museum is located in Chiang Saen, Thailand near along the mekong river. It is a worthwhile visit for education purpose especially in learning the history of golden triangle and opium flower production if you want to learn about the story and facts. There are also many artifacts leftover from the past such as smoking pipe, scales, weights and many things that related to opium. The entire visit should take you 40 minutes to finish the tour of the museum.

There a market on the Laos border, you will need a tour guide or host to bring you there so visa and immigration paper work is not a requirement. Goods that you will find there are mostly from Laos and Myanmar.

Visiting The Golden Triangle alone can be a boring trip if you are expecting more fun, exotic and memorable experience. So I would suggest “Liberty City” which is the most visiting place in the area from foreign visitors.


The Golden Triangle Liberty City

This exotic place, or you can call the Las Vegas and Macau of the south-east Asian, is built on the territory of Republic of Laos and has becoming a popular place to visit among high-class tourists who seek for a luxury travel, accommodation, services and foods. You will get everything here and the services are beyond your expectation. This area is a special economic zone that established to serve tourists and gain income from tourism for the country. Also it is the safest city in the border of Republic of Laos compare to other neighboring countries.

The city is labeled as “Liberty City” because you can get almost everything you can imagine of legally. This place has luxury casino with world class standard and you can spend most of your day in with it. The surrounding of the city has natural atmosphere filled with green trees, beautiful views of the mountains and breath the fresh and natural air. The good things are you can get beer and crazy rare unique local foods while enjoying your stay in a luxury Villas that surrounded by nature.

How to get there?

The starting point will begin from Chiang Rai Airport in northern part of Thailand territory. A host will meet you at the arrival gate and accompanying you back to the hotel with a limousine. The host can also act as your personal translator if you need.


It is a 5-star hotel that provide a master bedroom at one of the super VIP villa in Liberty City. It is a private accommodation and you can enjoy the entire Villa privately with no other guest. The villa is located on the mountain with fantastic view of the golden triangle. Including facilities such as personal pool, bars, BBQ, Jacuzzi, Disco bar and anything that you can think of.

What you can do there

There are a variety of activities that you can do there while your visiting. There is a tour around the city, also a golf club in the area, a tennis court, Racing carts, safari tour of the wild animal kingdom, hunting and shooting practice, hiking in the nearby forest and mountain, horse and bicycle riding, including riding on the back of elephant along the river bank and feeding tigers.

The Casino

There are various standard plan for attending at the gambling arena. It include with free transportation to the casino. If you participate in the casino club, there will be free buffets and accommodation as well.

Golden Triangle Package Tour

The price range for the tour is from USD1388 to USD988 for each night and other several packages available for your choice. It is less than you spend at Las Vegas and Macau. The good things are they have everything you will need for the entire trip there. The staffs and host will make you feel like home while traveling in an exotic country.

You can reserve your travel and stay at “The Liberty City” on the website (the link is below) and enjoy the benefits of free transportation around the city and accommodation which accordance to the package plan that you choose.

For more information you can make your reservation at this website. The booking is always full every month so reserve your package as soon as you can.

Visit “Golden Triangle Liberty City” Official Website & Make Your Reservation Now

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