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Top 5 Best Website Hosting Services 2020


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Learn How To Find The Best Website Hosting for Your Business

Website Hosting is a place where it basically holds your data property on the server. If you have a website you will need a web hosting service to store the content on the web, the host is like a landlord and the website is like a house. It stays online for 24 hours so anyone who accesses your URL address can see your website.

There are different kinds of web hosting services that provide different type of purposes to varying businesses. There are some companies that offer to create a website for you for a fee, while others leave you with a domain name and a hosting space to let you do it yourself. 

Depending on the type and size of the organization you are running, the website hosting company you will choose based on several things that are explained below. After you comprehend the specification and features of each Web Hosting provider, you will have a better understanding in picking the best one for your business.

How To Pick A Web Hosting Service

You will need a website that is running smoothly on a host with a high quality server with decent performance which is an important factor if you don’t want to lose your sales and traffic. Website Hosting companies are competing with one another to make your business better. So how can you spot the best one which is suitable for your project? Please check out the following crucial features of Web Hosting:

Bandwidth & Storage Space

This should be the primary feature that you should take into evaluation. Most Web Hosting offer unlimited disk space for basic plans while others provide from 10GB to 50GB. If you plan to use the website to hold heavy images and media files, you will need a large storage space. A decent bandwidth is needed to handle tons of traffic coming to your website to avoid causing bottlenecks. 

If you plan to create a personal or small blog, then you should consider a Web Host with a small disk space for an affordable price.


This feature shouldn’t be overlooked. You may want to check out the operating system of the hosting service to see if it is compatible with your usage. There are Web Hosting Services that run on Linux and Windows based. Once you have made your decision to pick one you can’t switch the OS later on. So it is important that you should double check with the Hosting company.


It is a critical attribute for your website to be 99% percent of frequent uptime on the server, otherwise it can cause your business. Many Website Hosting Service Providers are making easy claims, though, you need to check out several reviews before signing up for one.

Website loading speed is the second crucial factor as well. A slow loading web page can cause an impact on your SEO ranking. The tip is to choose the Web Hosting that is equipped with fast SSD storage for better performance.


Security is a necessity for websites. It can be disastrous for not learning about the Web Hosting available security features. Commodities like Firewall, Anti-hacking, Daily Backup System and InterShield Protection should be included. It’s best if there is a notification system to alert you whenever there is a change in the panel system so you can inspect any suspicious activities.

Types Of Website Hosting Services

There are different kinds of Hosting you can choose to use to run your organization website.

Shared Web Hosting: This type of hosting is the cheapest, popular and basic service package. You will be using the same server, sharing the space and resources, like memory and CPU with other users. Imagine staying in a dormitory and you get to share the bathroom, dining room and kitchen with other roommates. It is best for hosting a personal blog, small website and basic eCommerce Store. Great for micro businesses and startups.

VPS is short for ‘Virtual Private Server’ it is made for solo purpose rather than collective purpose. The concept is still to share the server space but separated with a wall by configuring the server to have its own private area on land. Like you stay in an apartment building that is separated by a wall.

Dedicated Server: It is the highest level of Web Hosting. Dedicated allows you to own the entire server with full resources at hand. It is like staying in your own house with no other users. This kind of Website Hosting is suitable for large corporations and government organizations to run their own websites securely and privately with full performance.

WordPress Hosting: WordPress is a shared host that caters to a specific client requirement in running their website wholly on wordpress platform with advanced automation features like security and plugins update, pre-installed and backup system. The server has the optimization for better wordpress performance like faster loading time. Ideal for business or individuals running solely wordpress based websites.

How to Identify the Top Quality Web Hosting Provider

There are significant factors that you need to identify when making a decision to shop for a Web Hosting to run your business website efficiently. 

Uptime Percentage
This is the most crucial thing that you need to consider when signing up for a Web Hosting Service. Most companies usually guarantee the uptime rate of 99.98%, you will have to check their policy on their site if they guarantee this. This is a factor that you should not neglect. We have tested HostGator and Interserver to have the best uptime of 99.99%.

Loading Speed
Website loading time is also important. In a recent study that the world’s population has shrunk over the decade to a smaller attention-span like a goldfish. If your website is dropping in speed, you will lose sales and business even before your web page starts to show up. In addition, it could hurt your SEO ranking because Google doesn’t flavorite slow speed websites. So how do you identify which service is the fastest? Pick the one with speed guarantee that runs on SSD storage rather than Harddisk. Our experiment told us that Interserver has a high speed performance compared to other services because of its ultra fast SSD.

You can visit Site24x7 to check your website’s loading speed percentage.

Customer Support 
Users usually will run into technical issues and the support should be able to assist you in solving your problems. We host this website on Interserver and their support team is very helpful with any problem that might occur. They usually get back to you within 60 minutes time.

Server Locations
A number of servers that are located in different parts of the region can help with the website loading speed. If you plan to run your website internationally, you may want to consider Web Hosting that has servers located in different continents. SiteGround and GoDaddy servers are stationed in different regions around the world.

Server Uptime
If you are visiting several Web Hosting sites, you have probably often heard of uptime guaranteeing. It is the primary factor for making a decision whether or not to choose to use the service. In case, you have no idea what an ‘uptime’ is, it is the percentage of your website hosting service that will be up and running, many are guaranteed by a certain percentage of uptime which doesn’t mean the server will go down at other percentage and they can say the service keep running without failing for at least a period of time. 

If you see an error message on a website it means that the server is down. So how can you check if a website is frequently down? Simply go to the URL WebsitePlanet and input the website address to see its status.  

A low uptime website hosting service can cost you your business so it is crucial to carefully check them yourself if you plan to use any web host to run your business online. Our experiment with BlueHost is quite satisfied with the uptime as they are always running at 99% guarantee rate.

Common FAQ From Our Audiences

We have been receiving quite a lot of questions regarding selecting Website Hosting Services. We have picked the most common one from our readers. How much does a Web Hosting cost? For shared hosting, it usually costs between $2 to $15 per month depending on the plan. Recently, Interserver is offering a promotional price of $1 for 3 months of Web Hosting service. If you have any questions, please drop us an email at [contact[at]alexkij[dot]com].

Where can I learn more about Website Hosting?

You can check out our blog with reviews of several popular Website Hosting companies to become well-informed before you decide to sign up for one.

Web Hosting Pricing Plan

Price should not be the priority factor when making a decision to get a website hosting package, unless you need it for your personal blog or small site running merely texts. The technique is to sign up for a 12 to 36 months subscription to get a lower fee rate. It can be significantly expensive if you sign up for a month-to-month payment plan. Unless you are not sure about a certain service, you can try SiteGround Hosting with 30-money back policy or Interserver with their current promotional event $1 for 3 months hosting package.

Customer Support

Live chat and ticketing systems are the best way for you to get in touch with your hosting service provider. Not every company has a live chat system in place, the most common support is ticketing with email correspondence. The reply time should be within an hour. Interserver has a support team that stationed 24/7 to help you with any issue that you may encounter.

Money-Back Guarantee

Please keep in mind that money-back doesn’t mean that you will get the refund in full amount. Most Website Hosting usually offer a free domain name, this feature usually can’t be refunded because they need to pay their registrar. The only refund policy that they covered is the Web Hosting fee and does not include third-party products and other add-ons services. Please check with your service provider before signing up.

Add-ons other than Web Hosting

Beside the basic features that we have covered above. Extras like wordpress, joomla and magneto platforms are usually included for free if you sign up for the specific package offered by the provider. Furthermore, a free website builder is included for users without knowledge in website creation, and can use it to build their website with drag and drop functionality. GoDaddy and BlueHost have its free website builders included within the membership account. 

However smart backups and advanced security systems are usually offered as separate tools. If you sign up for the cheapest option, they are excluded. SSL certificate is included as free but some for a fee. If these extra elements are crucial for your website be sure to check out their features before signing up.

Some of The Top Performing Website Hosting Companies


If you have read to the end of this web page, you wouldn’t have a problem deciding which Website Hosting platform you want to stick with. It is wise to quickly pick one that suits your business lifestyle and get on with your life. Decide now and stay with your website for the long term.