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Hostinger Review – Get A Hosting Plan For Only $0.99

4/5 is well known for its extreme bargain price. It is simply the cheapest web hosting available on the internet with unbeatable features and super fast speed. It sounds like an exaggerated claim that they are offering a basic web hosting for only $0.99 but the catch is you have to sign up for a year commitment to get this special price. ($0.99 a month for a starter shared web hosting is available at the time of writing this content).

Many users may wonder why the price is so cheap, and concerning what is the quality and reliability of speed, load time, uptime and data secure. What is the catch? Reason this article was created is we are going to cover everything’s people want to know about Hostinger. How secure is the server? Does the visitor experience any slowdown? Are there any hidden fees? Are your visitors’ personal data going to be protected? Lets find out!

Hostinger, is a common web hosting company with various hosting plans. Shared hosting is a popular choice for many because of its budget-friendly cost and easy to use dashboard. Your website is cohabiting with neighbors and sharing the resources on the server that is why shared hosts are so dirt cheap. So what is the downside with shared hosting? Let’s say if one of your neighbors got an attack from an anonymous attempt to disrupt normal traffic of the server or you got a big social hit that brings tons of traffic to your site and it will affect your website and others that share the same server by decelerating its performance. So you can see that Shared Hosting isn’t quite powerful.

Hostinger Shared Hosting Plans

Single Premium Business Cloud
1 Website Unlimited Websites Unlimited Websites Unlimited Websites
1 Email Unlimited Emails Unlimited Emails Unlimited Emails
100GB Bandwidth Unlimited Bandwidth Unlimited Bandwidth Unlimited Bandwidth
Free SSL Cert. Free SSL Cert. + Domain Free SSL Cert. + Domain Free SSL Cert. + Domain
1X Allocated Resources 2X Allocated Resources 4X Allocated Resources 48X Allocated Resources
WordPress Acceleration (LSCWP) WordPress Acceleration (LSCWP) WordPress Acceleration (LSCWP) WordPress Acceleration (LSCWP)
    Daily Backups Daily Backups
$0.99 / m $2.89 / m $3.99 / m $7.45 / m
$2.15 / m *renew $3.49 / m *renew $7.95 / m *renew $15.90 / m *renew
*Prices may subject to change after content published. Please check the official Hostinger website for accurate price plans. has 3 option plans: Shared, Premium and Business. The basic Shared Plan is known as ‘Single’ with price beginning at $2.15 monthly renewal and $0.99 for the first month but has to sign up for a 4 years that means you have to pay 4 full-years in advance. It comes with a 10GB harddisk space and 100GB bandwidth. It is ridiculous that this cheapest plan let you host only 1 website and just one email for what! Unless you are running a hobby. 

The Premium Plan begins at $2.89 for the first month, if you paid for 4-full-year, then you get to pay $3.49 to renew every month. This package include unlimited websites, email accounts, bandwidth plus a 20GB storage. This level gives you a free domain name for the first year.

The Business Plan starts at $3.99 monthly as usual if you sign up for a 4-year commitment, you pay $7.95 for the second month and onward. It included all features, including free SSL certificate, day-to-day backups and resource power boost.

These shared plans are great for mom and pop shops or a local dentist. 

There are many great shared host companies out there you can compare, we picked’ and ‘’ as our top shared hosts.

Hostinger WordPress Hosting Plans

Starter Business Cloud
Unlimited Websites Unlimited Websites Unlimited Websites
Unlimited Bandwidth Unlimited Bandwidth Unlimited Bandwidth
20GB Harddisk Storage 100GB Harddisk Storage 140GB Harddisk Storage
Weekly Automated Backups Daily Automated Backups Daily Automated Backups
Jetpack Free Jetpack Personal Jetpack Premium
$2.15 / m $7.45 / m $14.95 / m
$3.49 / m *renew $15.90 / m *renew $31.80 / m *renew
*Prices may subject to change after content published. Please check the official Hostinger website for accurate price plans.


WordPress is a popular content management platform being used around the world. WordPress interface is so simple to use and glad for its sturdy plug-in and theme ecosystems.  WordPress is an open-source that makes it very simple to customize as you desire which is one of its core attractions.  

WordPress hosting option has become a required product offer by many web host companies. Hostinger offers 3 wordpress host plans that include: Single, Premium and Business. They have the same title like Shared host, also with the same features and specification, except the basic plan is slightly falling short of resources.

In case you are searching to compare specific hosting plans for WordPress, we suggest check out our review of ‘WPX Hosting’ for more info.

VPS Web Hosting (Linux & Windows Based)

VPS Linux Server

‘Virtual Private Server’ is ideal for professional bloggers and serious businesses to establish existence as primary hosting on the internet with more resources, better experience and less neighbor’s activities interruption. 

Hostinger presents a whole new scaling tiers for 7 Linux-based VPS plans and 4 Windows-based VPS plans. The basic Linux plan has 1GB RAM, 20GB Harddisk space, and 1TB of data transfer at the monthly price of $3.95 (for a 4-year commitment). The most expensive plan of Linux VPS derives with 8GB RAM, 160GB storage space and 8TB of monthly data transfer for $29.95 a month (4-year sign up).

VPS Windows Server

As for Hostinger’s Windows-based VPS plans, there is a small difference in technical specification. The basic option offers 2GB of RAM, 50GB harddisk and 4TB of monthly data transfer at the price of $26 monthly (with 24 months of commitment). The highest option for Windows based VPS hosting brags with RAM 16GB, 400GB storage and 7TB of data transfer a month at the price of $250 a month for a 2-year sign up. 

If you want to look else where for VPS alternative, we can suggest

Hostinger has No Dedicated Host

Dedicated hosting is the most powerful option to host your website which you get the entire power and resources for yourself without sharing with others. The add-on resources can be customized and leveraged to cope with mountain high traffic. Huge companies usually use dedicated servers to host their website, unfortunately Hostinger doesn’t offer this. If you want a dedicated web host we do suggest ‘’ with affordable prices.

Cloud Hosting on


Cloud hosting is a way to host your website by interconnecting several servers as a network. Resources can be upgraded in real time, and your website is not restricted by physical server limitation. offers 3 cloud hosting plans: Cloud Startup, Cloud Professional and Cloud Enterprise. The basic option includes 2CPU cores, 3GB of RAM, 100GB SSD harddisk space and unlimited data transfer a month at the price of $7.45 per month with a two-full-year of commitment. The second-tier comes with an upgrade of 4CPU cores, 6GB of RAM and 140GB SSD storage space at the price of $14.95 monthly, paid in advance for two-full-year. The most expensive-tier comes with powerful 8CPU cores, 16GB of RAM and SSD 200GB storage space at the tag of $37 a month for 2 year of commitment. All cloud hosting plans include free SSL certificate, dedicated IP address and unlimited websites. 

WPX Hosting’ and ‘DreamHost’ also include cloud hosting for decent prices.

Minecraft Server Hosting

Hostinger is offering Minecraft hosting on their VPS server with rich resources and performance. It allows the user to host and manage on their own VPS. The purpose of this product is to manage everything in real-time while playing the game with your community. It comes with multiple plans, the basic one can accommodate a minimum of 70 players, at the capacity of 2GB at $8.95 monthly (as usual for 2-year). The plan is upgradable if you need them. The minecraft servers are located in several locations including US, UK, Netherlands, Singapore, and Lithuania. For more information please visit the website

Hostinger Pros & Cons


  • Solid Up-time most of the time 99.98%
  • Decent Average Loading Time at 385ms tested with 1000Mbps internet connection in the United States
  • Simplicity – Great for beginner or eldery, custom-made management center display with large buttons all in place.
  • Advanced Security & Privacy – Free SSL, malware prevention, anti-hacking attacks, XXSS and other security threats.
  • 30-days money back guarantee
  • Multi-Lingual Client Support with Live Chat


  • Live Chat – You need to stay logged to your hosting account before you can use this service, potential clients will not be able to use this service.
  • Missing traditional cPanel – If you are used to conventional control panels and not familiar with Hostinger’s custom-made dashboard, you have to learn how to use them from the start and you might appreciate its simple interface.
  • No Dedicated Hosting Plan.


Overall, Hostinger is a real powerful web hosting packed with sophisticated features, high level security and reasonable prices. The company was established in 2004, with decades of hosting experience, now having 29 million users from around the world. 

Hostinger strives to become easy for anyone to access, I can tell from the process, it is made for beginners who are looking to host a simple blog with low price on a shared host. Businesses or advanced bloggers should go for VPS as a basic host with reliability speed and uptime to maintain your website performance. WordPress hosting is also great if your websites are using wordpress to run this plan that has more optimizing features.

Hostinger is an affordable web hosting product for everyone. This company delivers basic necessities, features and tools that a user needs to set up a website with ease. Ideal for non-tech savvy and grateful for the simple control panel and website builder. Advanced users will appreciate the high performance of the WordPress hosting with custom-made caching plugins. 

Hostinger has servers located in many regions to boost up the speed and maintain your website ranking on Even this is a perfect web host but down-times does occur infrequently. In general, you may want to give Hostinger for a trial to start your new project.


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