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Interserver Review – Is It Any Good?

Interserver is a web-hosting company based in the United States, established in 1999 run by Michael Lavrik and John Quaglieri. The company is engaging in virtual hosting service and reseller even since the company has started and Interserver has grown gradually in 2 decades. Now they have two data locations that run the hosting servers in New Jersey and by the time of writing this, they plan to include another data center in Los Angeles. 

Interserver has a budget friendly hosting plan which we will talk about later below and the company has a full experience of running VPS, shared and dedicated server solutions. 

We have been using Interserver since 2014, we did surely encounter some issues and gained benefits as well. This website you are reading right now is host on Interserver. We will discuss the very details of whether this organization does meet up with our expectation and what kind of issue we have been facing and the pros we have benefited from during our time with them.

Shared Plan

VPS Plan

Dedicated Plan

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Our experience with Interserver

This review is based on our editor’s experience in which we use this interserver to host multiple websites such as blog, wordpress and eCommerce at the time we are writing this.  

We have been monitoring our shared server and up time ever since we signed up with Interserver. If something went wrong we could lose a tremendous amount of traffic and sales, however the statistic we got is 91% of up time. The bandwidth and flow of traffic is doing well without much bottleneck during driving visitors to our websites. The minor issues we faced were the caching system and SSL encrypt, we usually contacted the support team via email and got our troubles solved within 30 minutes. Ever since we are with Interserver there is never a problem that the team cannot solve. We are very happy with their prompt responsiveness and expertise.

Let’s list out the pros and cons of Interserver below:


  • 91% Uptime and extremely reliable server
  • The most fastest shared hosting (If you access from outside the United States, results may varies)
  • Constant price rate – When you signed up for the hosting, if the price has increased you still pay the same rate
  • Helpful and highly knowledgeable and friendly staffs
  • Easy billing system (payment options are available for credit cards, paypal, wire transfer and bitcoin.)
  • Free website migration for new sign up
  • Highly flexible and and customizable VPS hosting plan
  • Budget price plans


  • Unlimited hosting claimed is misleading and defines by other terms
  • SSL encrypt is hard to implement (I asked the support team to set it up for us)  
  • The servers are located in the United States

We were testing our website from accessing outside the U.S. to see how it works out. As you can see the screenshots above and below, the loading and response time from the server is quite fast with a website that hosted on a shared hosting.



Overall, Interserver is a decent hosting company that you shouldn’t overlook if you are seeking for a budget web-host while maintaining their efficiency. This company is a hidden gem in the internet industry, the company is seriously offering better hosting experience and customer service.

Interserver is ideal for solo bloggers and small businesses who don’t require to run a complex website. The stable price makes us want to stay as a client for long while others are marking up and increasing renewal price every year, we are still paying for the same price rate since 2014.

If you are a server technician or skilled in handling servers by yourself, advanced VPS hosting is great for running your own server solution. Even though we are not very tech-savvy but we are able to configure things without any problem, if we run into any issue we just ask the support team for help and they are willing to sort it out for us.   

If your traffic is mainly from outside the U.S., then I don’t recommend signing up with Interserver. I would suggest ‘SiteGround’ or ‘Hostgator’ for better international browsing experience.

If you want to try out Interserver without paying for the full price, you can give it a try for a month for $0.01 with this promo code “ALEXKIJ” 

We will definitely highly recommend Interserver to everyone to give it a try.

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