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LeadPages Review & Pricing – What You Need To Know

If you are looking for an economic way to create your sales funnels and a landing page or thinking that Clickfunnels is too expensive for you, ‘Leadpages’ is definitely a good option. They have similar features with Clickfunnels and better pricing

Leadpages is a code-free website builder tool that you can use to build your landing page and marketing funnel with ease. 


I remember that when I started out 10 years ago, creating a landing page was kind of a hassle with back and forth endless codes and having to hire a freelance designer and programmer to do it for me which should have cost a lot.

But these days, you are lucky to have tools like, and that do almost everything for you with just a few clicks. 

And the good thing is it costs less than what I have paid in the old days. Thanks to today’s sophisticated technology that makes life so simple for us.

Landing pages are a Must for most businesses to keep in touch with their customers. It helps with building relationships and trust without having to meet one another in person. 


How do you create a relationship with hundreds of customers? Technology can help, nowadays people have mobile phones so they can get access to see whatever they want. 

Companies are still using email to connect with their customers, email is a former way to contact your clients comparable to envelope letters in a traditional way. 

That’s why many companies have their own landing page to capture their clients’ email and phone. Many traditional businesses are catching up with the marketing trend and realize that they also need to have a landing page to connect with their clients.

Leadpages is one such tool that has helped many companies to generate more businesses and more profit by reconnecting with their old clients and gaining new markets.

We are going to dig deep into Leadpages and see what kind of features, pricing and benefits they have to offer to their customers.

Leadpages Review

First let’s get to the Leadpages features and see what they are offering. This is the most important page because these features can be a benefit to your businesses or maybe not, depending on what kind of business you do. 

For me, I am in the information technology industry so newsletter tools, web hosting and website building tools are a must for my career and a landing page creator is an add-on for me to capture my visitor’s contact details.


New Drag-and-drop editor

Since 2016, Leadpages has updated their new drag and drop editor interface to make it more easy and simple to create a landing page

Large Template Collection

Leadpages has over a collection of 130 template designs including other paid themes for landing pages as well. They make it easier for you to edit the word and publish them straight away.

Huge Third-Party Marketing Integrations

Leadpages make it easier for you to connect with your clients by integrating with third-party marketing softwares like webinar, newsletter tools, payment processors, CRM and much more.

Website Integration

Not only does Leadpages allow you to integrate the website like WordPress, you can also connect with other sites like Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, and more.

Landing Page Hosting

Leadpages host the landing page for you on their web host. That means you don’t need a web host and you can still use your domain name for your landing page that makes it quite flexible. 

Simple A/B Testing

You can run A/B testing by splitting up your landing pages to see which perform well with trackable results.

Detailed Tracking

Leadpages make it easy for you to track your landing page statistics with external codes from Google Analytics and Facebook Pixels.

Above are the features for the ‘Landing Page’ building editor. Next, we will discuss about some other branded features


Leadboxes: A custom design-able pop-up form on your site can be automatically displayed when someone enters the site or depends on the user’s action. You can link the button to a two-step optin. 

Leadlinks: An existing user can simply sign up via a button for your invitation to a webinar or you can simply send them the link in the email.

Leaddigit: This is a more advanced way to sign up and get into the subscriber list on their mobile phone and automated text messages. Which gives your non-tech-savvy users the simplicity to sign up.

The landing page creator tool is the core feature of Leadpages, while these above mentioned add-on features can help make your work and your users more easily opt-in to your list.

A brief inside look for how ‘Leadpages’ works


Creating a landing page

A clean user interface with a click of a button a landing page is quickly created from your choice with 130+ template available in its inventory. 

You can either switch to the old standard editor interface or the new one. I can tell you the new editor is far way more superior than the old one.The new editor has the ability and flexibility in making a landing page with its ‘drag and drop’ feature.

You can as well create your own template from scratch with a blank canvas. 

The New Drag and Drop Editor

It is similar to WordPress Editor, if you are used to that you won’t have any problem with Leadpages editor.


You can add text, images, form or button with just a click and drag of these elements to the editor surface.

Page Layout

It helps to keep your page reader with a grid that organizes the columns and rows.

Page Style

It allows you to pick your font, images and more.

Page Tracking

For insert Google Analytics and Facebook Pixels codes to track your visitor stat.

It isn’t that difficult to use the landing page editor as every widget and elements are well layout for you.

Leadpages Pricing

Starter Pro Advanced
1 Site 3 Sites Up to 50 Sites
Free Custom Domain Free Custom Domain Free Custom Domain
Free Hosting Free Hosting Free Hosting
Tech Support (via Email) Tech Support (via Chat + Email) Priority Phone Tech Support
40+ Standard Integrations 40+ Standard Integrations 40+ Standard Integrations
X Online Sales & Payments Online Sales & Payments
X Unlimited A/B Split Testing Unlimited A/B Split Testing
X Email Trigger Links Email Trigger Links
X X Advanced Integrations
X X Includes 5 Pro Sub Accounts
X X 1-on-1 Quick Start Call
*Leadpages Pricing are subject to change at anytime. Please check the official Leadpages for actual fee rates.

The initial leadpages pricing begin at $25 a month. However it doesn’t include the following:

  • A/B Testing
  • Leadboxes
  • The Payment Widget
  • Leaddigit and Leadlinks

If you need these above features to add to your plan, a higher tier is required. The price starts at $48 a month and you can get access to use all these tools.

Leadpages’ Pros & Cons


  • User-friendly with Drag and Drop Tool
  • Over 130 Landing Page Templates
  • A/B Testing for your landing page
  • Statistic Analysis Built-in
  • Simple optin with 2 steps
  • Useful widgets
  • Third-party Integration for email autoresponder, payment gateways, webinar, much more 
  • Great add-on features with Leadboxes, Leadlinks and Leaddigit
  • New feature with automatically build a complete landing page with a few clicks like
  • New feature with notification / alert bar style form on your site
  • No aggressive upsell like ClickFunnels


  • You cannot edit the responsive design for mobile display. 
  • Pricing is a little higher for casual users
  • The basic plan cannot do much, if you need more features you have to pay more by upgrading your plan


Leadpages is an affordable and powerful landing page builder compared to ClickFunnels and Wix. Its main purpose is designed for businesses which allows you to collect your visitor contact info, connect with your clients and bridge the relationship for future commercial email. 

The price may be reasonable for a starter as some may not need to have advanced features, as for professional users the upgraded pricing does not cost a lot compared to other platforms.

Leadpages is the most easy software that helps you to make a landing page with tons of templates that you can choose from. You can even use your own domain name with your page even if it is hosted on Leadpages.

Before taking a serious step into payment for the Leadpages, they give you a chance to sign up for its free trial where you get to use their software for free for 14 days.

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