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MailerLite Review – What We Have Found..

MailerLite is a relatively new entry in the newsletter marketing tool market. It’s young, clean and has an organized design and style that permeates the new users with fresh experience. This newsletter tool has been architected for its simplicity, despite the fact that it has its efficiency in dealing with tons of emails and accounts with huge database as well. 

We discovered that MailerLite is more than a local tool, it derives the traditional marketing culture to a digitally modern style without the complication of learning a new technology. However, the tool supports a maximum of 8 languages and their application is only available on iOS.

The positive side of MailerLite is that it offers a free forever service for freebie seekers with a limit of 1000 users, even though it has no-cost option but the beginner price is relatively less expensive than its competitors. The starting price is $15 monthly with a  subscriber list of 2500 users. MailerLite truly has the best deal available right now. 

What impressed us the most isn’t its cheap price but it’s simple looking interface and an easy to function control panel. It took us less than 20 minutes to set up an email campaign without looking much depending on the tutorial. Even we are delighted with its simplicity but does this emailing tool deliver the quality and better experience compared to other tools? Let us find out within this article.

MailerLite in dept review:

MailerLite offers a wide variety of choices of newsletter and form options in their inventory. Their editor form interface has quick responsiveness and won’t feel kind of lag in response when composing messages. It sounds like a steal for having a free option plan and offering a simple and nice editor for you to use but let’s take a look into their features and see if it meets our expectations or is being enchanting.


  • Free Option may sound good and many people will not hesitate to sign up when seeing the word ‘Free’ for what they are seeking, unless you are a brand loyal user. Email automation feature is free with a limit of 1000 subscribers, however the template isn’t available for users unless you sign up for the cheapest paid plan.
  • A very easy to operate editor. Highly recommended for a newbie if you have never used an email tool before. Advanced users will be impressed with the simple and clean interface.
  • Landing Page Editor: A very interesting feature, you can simply compose and design your own landing page hosted on MailerLite server or on your own domain.
  • The advanced automated feature is available for free user.
  • Free & Affordable price plan for everyone
  • Unsteady deliverability rate

Is MailerLite the right email marketing tool for you?

Recommendation For:

MailerLite is mainly made for solo entrepreneurs, small businesses or marketers with low budgets. It isn’t the most advanced tool but It does provide basic features like email automation, data segmentation, contact tagging, etc. which are necessities for your business. You can also run a complex campaign and get to work on a landing page editor.

Not only MailerLite is made for business and retail. Its features also contribute to blogger and youtuber with RSS campaign, wordpress integration plus video marketing to send out to your audiences. 

If you are a new beginner to email marketing tools, MailerLite is a great option for you to start with. It has the simplest navigation and function panel to operate in the message editor interface. You will find this tool very intuitive compared to others out there.

MailerLite is Not For:

MailerLite offers a standard data report that many users may need. The report shows the result of opening email, tracking clicks, sales data that integrated with Shopify and Woocomerce. The result isn’t the most comprehensive, it lacks social platform tracking, if you need a more detailed data report you can check out Getresponse as alternative. 

Even it has its email automation feature but it isn’t made for enterprise and large businesses. The company may need a more sophisticated automated system, MailerLite can’t track when a visitor has visited your website and can’t trigger an email based on conditions. If you need a more complex automated feature, you may want to check out ActiveCampaign.


Additional Features

Feature Rating

MailerLite has a simple interface, easy to navigate via the panel with a clean user interface and quick in response. If you have experience with other autoresponders, it should be very easy for you.

Ease of use

The editor feature is quite flexible which allows you to edit your works smoothly without glitch. The column option is available in their panel and you can create a quick edit message, unfortunately you can’t add images between lines. The most unique feature is you can add any post from Facebook and Twitter straight to your email message.

Message Creation & Editing

You can customize the ‘Dynamic Content’ message which you wish to deliver to a specific group of your recipients.


There are a wide range of templates for you to choose and you can customize with any design you desire. Unfortunately, the templates do not come with a free plan.

Email Template

MailerLite offers a great basic feature of an automated email campaign which is based on the opening of email, link clicks and data segmentation based on conditions. Even free plan users can use this feature, except tracking website visits.

Email Automation

This could be the core part of MailerLite that you can manage your contacts by grouping. For example, by tagging a certain subscriber with a variable, if a user has purchased or signed up for a different mailing list, the user will be automatically removed from the previous group with your own setting. 

List Management

The process is easy to use and create. It includes a pop-up capture box and embedded the code onto your own domain. The message surface includes a clear ‘unsubscribe’ button that won’t go against public email policy.

Sign up / Opt-in Opt-out Process

The delivery score is quite unsteady, it can score high on certain days but go down hill in the evening. Some of the time the email will be delivered 10 minutes behind after sent on schedule.


MailerLite provides a comprehensive report of data in detail. The report includes google analytics, geo-mapping, open email, link click, sales report that integrate with platforms like wordpress, Shopify and Woocommerce. Unfortunately, it doesn’t track social networks.

Date Report & Analysis

Availabe in 8 languages


Great support team. Your question will be resolved in a few minutes, it always the same person who get back to you in no time.


MailerLite Price Plan

1000 Users

1000 Users

2500 Users

5000 Users


MailerLite is simple but equipped with sophisticated features at economic prices that no other email marketing tools can beat. Ideal for small business owners or enthusiastic freelancers with a small investment budget. The automated features are limited and don’t offer spam/design testing. If you are a serious marketer, you may want to check out Getresponse or ActiveCampaign. For user-simplicity, please check out Aweber.

We have tested MailerLite with its free plan. However, at the time of writing this review article, they have limited emails you can send. If you do not have a large quantity of subscribers, you can still stick to their free option. The drag-and-drop editor is what gives this service a higher score, for beginners you can use this tool with ease. MailerLite is strict about their approval process for sending out email to your recipients. As long as you aren’t spamming your list, it is fine.

We will not hesitate to recommend you to sign-up with MailerLite, but it isn’t a perfect tool but a fine quality email marketing software you can get for less.

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