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Paleo Robbin – Read This Before You Place Your Order

Paleo Robbin is a food company that offer healthy diet menu online with delivery service based in Bangkok. If you want to try for the first time, I can offer you a 200 Baht discount, just shoot me an email (Click here) I will send the voucher to you.

If you are an expat or have been to Bangkok for a vacation you must already know how full the streets of Bangkok are of fast food places and most of the food on the streets is deep fried and far from healthy. I decided to look for something new, healthy and fresh. I found Paleo Robbin delivery company on the internet by chance, this company was founded by two guys from Netherlands who decided to take a chance and bring some freshness into Bangkok street and fast food. The price is reasonable so I decided to try it out, cause it sounded so perfect and easy to order and pay online.

First when I opened Paleo Robbin web site ( and looked what they had to offer, I was surprised how yummy every single meal looked like! I wanted to eat all of them. But eating healthier does not mean eating everything on the menu, even if the menu is full of wonderful fresh and clean foods. I needed to make my pick for the day. The best thing is that all the meals have nutrition information included, so you know exactly what and how much you want to eat. The meal comes in two sizes with different price. Each day has 4 different kind of menu for you to chose, plus side dishes for you to pick as well.

I came from Eastern Europe I know how a good goulash tastes like and I grew up eaten that. My first pick was Hungarian Beef Goulash. Honestly, it’s taste was amazing, the portion for me was big even I got the normal size, but I managed to eat almost all of it. The taste and the balance of spices was just on the spot, beef was tender and melted in my mouth. It is a truly wonderful dish. All meats are lab tested and contain no chemical, growth hormones, etc. as they claimed on the website.

A little balance for eating a heavy lunch I also ordered Fresh Organic Blueberry Cup as my dessert, you can never go wrong with blueberries and I didn’t. Fresh tasty, sweet blueberries, which is one of my favorites. But I so wanted to try something more from Paleo Robbin, so my last pick for the day was Inflammation Obliteration – Turmeric, Ginger, Pepper Smoothie. I picked it because they had so great reviews of that super smoothie. On the description: ‘We don’t do smoothies or juices to make them taste sweet and sexy. Our smoothies are mental in the health department’ If somebody says something like this about their smoothies, don’t you want to give it a try? It didn’t disappoint me.

Wow, truly, wow! If I said I had a something delicious in my mouth eating Paleo Robbie’s goulash, then it was wonderful. I could never imagine that these ingredients work so well. Next day I got my meal from Paleo Robbin again, I wanted to try something very different, so my first choice was Wild Tuna Tataki Salad. What a great combination of fresh ingredients, everything went well and the meat melted in my mouth. If the day before I had the goulash that made me feel so heavy, then after eating this tuna delight I felt full, but not so heavy.

Second pick was Paleo Guacamole with crunchy sweet potato chips. Well I truly love Mexican food and that guacamole was so tasty and those sweet potato chips where perfect! I loved the combination of sweet potato and guacamole, usually it comes with tortilla chips, but I must say I like it this way better. Sweet potato was very crispy, well seasoned and with guacamole all tastes came together with the right amount of chilli inside.

I am glad I found this amazing company with well cook food. I will eat Paleo Robbin food in the future for sure again! Paleo Robbin offer grocery service as well but I am not a good cook so I ordered their meal plan.

The con of Paleo Robbin is the price maybe a little higher compare to the food that you can get on the market. Since the foods are safe, lab-tested and delicious I think it is reasonable.

If you want to try for the first time, I can offer you a 200 Baht discount, just shoot me an email (Click here) I will send the voucher to you.

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