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SendinBlue Review -See This Before You Sign Up

SendinBlue is an interesting newsletter tool, you shouldn’t overlook its prices and value and the different approach for its pricing options. 


SendinBlue Review

You will not believe that the price is way lower than other competitors. The price doesn’t always align with its quality and features. Forget the old saying, you will not get what you pay for but you will get more out of it. For the price of $25 per month with 40,000 users. That is a steal, never before on the market to offer such a great deal! 

Despite its value, Sendinblue includes a list of advanced features like email automation, complex form, landing pages, etc. at a low price tag. We can see that the company is at a price war strategy in order to build its customer base. 

Now lets us dive deep into this SendinBlue Review and see if it does suit your business.

SendinBlue has a free plan with 300 emails per day. The starter plan begins at $25 with 40,000 emails per month. Both free and lite plans have few and limited features that you can use. Essential plan is $39 monthly with email sending of 60,000. The best plan is the all-access with advanced features is Premium at the price of $66 per month and you can have up to 120,000 emails to send per month.

SendinBlue Pricing: How To Value Your Investment with Pricing Options

Sendinblue is an outstanding email marketing tool out there. Beside of the price plans, they also offer prepaid credits which let you just pay for what you use without having to purchase at the entire price. Prepaid credits have no expiration date.

Unlike other newsletter tools which charge you on the number of subscribers but Sendinblue charges you on the amount of email you send per month. Please don’t be confused. It can be a great value for your investment if you need only to send limited email to only active users.

The Sendinblue Pricing plans are available below: the higher you go, the more email you can send and furthermore to access a library of advanced features of landing page, automation and data reporting.


SendinBlue Features


SendinBlue Pricing


Free Plan:

  • $0 / month
  • 300 Emails Per Day
  • SendinBlue Logo In Footer
  • Unlimited Contacts
  • Marketing Automation
  • Web Tracking
  • 2000 Maximum Contacts in Automation Campaign
  • CRM

Lite Plan:

  • $25 / Month
  • 40,000 Emails Per Month
  • SendinBlue Logo in Footer
  • Unlimited Contacts
  • Marketing Automation
  • Web Tacking
  • 2000 Maximum Contacts in Automation Campaign
  • CRM

Essential Plan:

  • $39 / month
  • 60,000 Emails Per Month
  • SendinBlue Logos Removed
  • Unlimited Contacts
  • Marketing Automation
  • Web Tracking
  • 2000 Maximum Contacts in Automation Campaign
  • CRM
  • Location Reporting
  • Click Heat Map

Premium Plan:

  • Starting at $66 / month
  • 120,000 to 3 Million Emails Per Month
  • SendinBlue Logos Removed
  • Unlimited Contacts
  • Marketing Automation
  • Web Tracking
  • Unlimited Maximum Contacts in Automation Campaign
  • CRM
  • Location Reporting
  • Click Heat Map
  • Landing Page
  • Dedicated IP (350,000 Emails Above)

If you see the price plans, Sendinblue offers only 4 options.There is a custom price that goes beyond the premium is ‘Enterprise’ plan, it has all the features available for ‘Premium” and you can send more than 350,000 email every month. A dedicated account manager is also offered for the Enterprise plan on an one-on-one setup and support. 

Even if you sign up for the free package, you will get to try their features like email automation, website tracking and live support. This is a good opportunity to check out their product and service before actually paying for it. 

No matter how many subscribers you have in your list, you get to pay for the amount that you have signed up for, with a limit of email you can deliver to your subscribers each month. You can easily keep track of the cost and know the exact amount of fee you have to pay for their service. You can upgrade your plan, if you need to send more emails. It is a worry-free platform without your list exceeding the limit. You can keep adding your user to the list while paying the same price for the amount of emails you can send.

The drawback is if the amount of email has reached its limit, your campaign will pause and you can’t send anymore email, to send more you have to upgrade your account. SendinBlue will send a notification about the email limit. On the other hand, if your users ‘unsubscribe’, you will lose the quota you don’t use and still have to pay for the same price.

The good thing is Sendinblue has a flexibility choice plan, the account is renewable every month, you can either down or upgrade your plan each month according to the number of subscribers you have.

Pay For What You Use


If you don’t have many users on your list or don’t have much email to send, you can go for the prepaid plan and pay as you go options. The credits will never expire, for this custom package you can get all the advanced features just like on the ‘Essential’ plan (which includes ad-free email and data reporting).

Not only Sendinblue offers a custom price plan, ‘MailChimp’ is offering a similar ‘pay as you go’ package. But compared with the overall prices, Sendinblue is significantly more affordable and price is lower than the rest.

Add-on Features


There is additional feature that offered by SendinBlue is that you can purchase an add-on service and integrate with your current plan. 

SMS credits:

You can send a SMS to your subscribers in 100 countries. Each country has a different price rate, please check with SendinBlue support team for the price for each country you are sending a SMS to.

IP Plan:

If you wish to send your email via a non-shared IP address for security reasons, SendinBlue offers a $145 per year package. This add-on option is also available on ‘Premium Plan’ with 350,000 emails for free.

Which Package Plan should you pick?

Free Plan

This free option includes the email automation and tracking of websites. If you are a new beginner who would like to give it a try or a user with a small scale of subscriber, it is a way to go start with. If your email volume increases over the month, you can move on to the paid version.

Prepaid Credits Plan

If you would like to save costs or better manage your budget, then prepaid credits are a best choice for you.  This is ideal for users with a small list of subscribers or want to spend less on autoresponder service. Keep in mind that the landing page feature will not be available for this plan and the contacts are restricted to 2000 in your marketing automation campaign. If you focus on using the advanced features, the prepaid credits ideal is not for you. 

Lite Plan

The cheapest option. Beware that the SendinBlue logo will always be presented in the message footer for every email you send, yes your subscriber will spot the logo. The landing page and advance data report are not available for this plan. If you plan to send out a simple newsletter, this can be your best choice. 


Not the least and the best choice. You can have the option to remove the advertisement, access the Geo-mapping and location report features but the automation email campaign is restricted to 2000 contacts just like in the Prepaid and Lite Plan. If you plan to have more contacts with automation marketing campaigns then you should at least go for ‘Premium Plan’.


This is an all-in-one access for all the features and tools offered by SendinBlue. However, ‘Premium Plan’ is constructed of 4 level plans which are based on price and numbers of email. Starting from 120,000 to 3 million emails. As for accessing the free dedicated IP address, you have to sign up for a more 350,000 level premium plan. If you have a large list of email to send each month and want to use the automation feature without limit, then this can be the best option.



SendinBlue has the best price structure and the flexibility to change or renew your account each month with no string attached. The prepaid credits have no expiration and you can choose to use the service based on your preference. This newsletter tool offers everything that other companies have to give. What makes it so different is the price plan that is based on the quantity of email sent out rather than the number of subscribers you can get on your list. 

The integration system isn’t doing well compared to ‘Getresponse’. If you want a free plan that is based on the number of users, you can check out ActiveCampaign instead. The best free plan is you have the freedom to use the tool in any way you like, I am talking about SendinBlue here. 

This company has all the great features and technology that is comparable to other email tools, and not so many things we can complain about except the confusion in various price structures. 

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