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Speechelo Review – Read This Before You Buy

This is the real Speechelo Review writing from my personal experience with the software. After using Speechelo I am happy to share my experience here.

Speechelo is created by the same company that owned thumbnail blaster, lingo blaster and video marketing blaster.

There are 3 ways to do a voiceover: either hire a professional voiceover, use your own voice or get a software to do it for you. We will talk about using a software called ‘Speechelo’ to do the voicing here.

Speechelo Review

I want to be a Youtuber but I don’t have the news anchor or radio show voice like Larry King. That’s why I feel embarrassed and try to show captions and images on Youtube rather than using my own voice. That’s a lot of work and finally I gave up. 

I was trying many ideas and methodology for how to become a Youtuber with a nice voice but without using my own voice. You know, I am not a native speaker, I am a foreigner with an accent. I think it may be hard for someone to understand my English. If you want to hear how I sound, you can listen to this Youtube video with my real voice.

Alternatives to Speechelo

While I was watching a video on Youtube, I came across a software called ‘Content Samurai’ now called ‘Vidnami’. It is a video creator software, what grabs my interest is this software includes an AI Voice generator from text. I was so fascinated and thinking it should greatly benefit me for not having to use my own voice to narrate the video. 


I searched through several reviews on Youtube hoping to get a glimpse at the demonstration of the AI voice and wishing it doesn’t sound like a robot. After going through several reviews and demo, it sounds partially human if you adjust the tone of the voice correctly and can trick some people into believing that it is an actual person’s voice.

There are several voices for your choice, from male to female to children, American and British accent. However some of the option voice sounds don’t sound good but there are always decent ones, I can tell just by listening to it. 

How Vidnami works is, you just input the script then the software will automatically pull out a series of slides, images, and video from their license-free library based on the keyword on your script. Either way you can always upload your own videos, images or your own custom voice.

It is a fascinating piece of software however it comes with a monthly price that I may not be able to afford it for now. 

You can check out our in-depth review here. Vidnami Review 

If you want to check out ‘Vidnami’, this is the link for the 14 day free trials.

Let me get back on track with Speechelo Review, I saw this advertisement on facebook showing it can turn texts into a voice that sounds like a real human and with a one time payment. This grabs my attention quickly.

I went to the website and learn what it is all about and how it works.

Speechelo is differ from Vidnami in the way that it is a voice generator software with no video presentation

Not only English, Speechelo includes several other non-English languages Ai voice generators as well. It is a great tool for introverts or non-native speakers who want to include content with a professional voice tone. 

The voices definitely sound fascinating and I can’t distinguish between a human and an Ai voice, you can manually modify the voice with ‘breathing’,’emphasizing’ certain words and slow the reading speed to make it sound more like a human being.

The good thing is Speechelo is more cost effective for me to own it rather than paying for a monthly fee. It cost $67! However I am a founder member of Speechelo so I have the coupon for a discount. If you are interested you can click the link below to purchase Speechelo, coupon has already applied!

Click here to purchase Speechelo with $30 discount!

Speecelo Pricing

There are two price structures, a one time payment of $67 [Discount coupon here] for the software alone does not include the ‘Pro’ features. The upgraded ‘Pro’ version gives you a variety of voices from child to adult, from English to Japanese and from American to British accents. 

The English AI voice is well done, but the Italian voice isn’t that good. If you didn’t have the Pro version, you can only have a script of 700 words maximum and have to download them one by one. For Pro, there is an unlimited number of texts you can generate per use.

If you wonder what is included in the upgraded Speechelo ‘Pro’ version, it offers over 30 voices, unlimited script for voice generation and other 23 non-English languages. 

Speechelo software alone can generate many kinds of voices, it is easily integrated with third-party video creation software like Camtasia, Adobe Premier, Audacity, iMovie, etc.

Lets preview some of the basic features of Speechelo

Speechelo Features

Unlimited Voice Generation 

Speechelo offers unlimited voice generation with 700 words restriction under the standard package but if you want unlimited text-to-voice generation you can go for the upgrade version in the upsell. Compared with the ‘Audioflow Pro’ version, it gives you a maximum of 3000 texts-to-voice generation which isn’t worth it.

Multiple Languages and Texts

Speechelo’s primary language is English, there are other 23 foreign languages you can use as an AI voice for your narration, it is interesting that French has multiple voice types. 

No need to hire an expensive professional voiceover. It greatly benefits freelance Youtubers with a low budget. You can modify the voice in any way you want.

The only thing you need to do is input the texts, choose the voice type and accent, then it automatically converts to Ai voice for you within a few seconds.

Below is a video sample of multiple voices

What makes Speechelo so unique from other Ai Voice generators is it includes things like ‘Breath’, ‘Pitch leveling’ and ‘Emphasize’ to make the voice sound more like a real human being.

Supported languages: Arabic, Mandarin, Danish, Dutch, English, French,German, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Korean,Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Welsh

Convert Video into Captions

Now Speechelo includes the best feature for converting other videos into captions for repurposing. The software will automatically detect the language of the video from Youtube and translate into English and non-English as well. 

Then Speechelo will regenerate the translated script into an AI Voice. 

This feature is handy if you run a channel with multiple languages. 

These are all the features of Speechelo that you need to know. I can say that it is definitely worth every penny of your money.

You can generate endless videos without using your own voice. 

Speecheo Pros and Cons


Ease of use: The software is easy to operate with a few clicks of your mouse

Multiple Languages: Including non-English languages

No API: No coding and no Google API or Amazon Polly API require to run the software

Adjust speech with breath, pitch level and emphasis to make it sound more like a real person voice.

Auto-transcript the voice-to-texts from a Youtube video 


Now the software has only 30 languages. If you need more languages like 60+, you can check out ‘Voicely’ which is a recent text-to-speech auto generator software.

Language like French isn’t has a decent AI voice


Speechelo is a perfect AI voice generator software that almost sounds like a real person. The normal mode isn’t perfect but if you manually adjust it properly you can make it sound like a human being and most people cannot tell the difference.

If you are non-English speaker or think you don’t have a great voice and want to become a Youtuber producing English content, I highly suggest Speechelo as part of the voiceover tool to produce your own content at no cost.

Speechelo is a software that runs on the cloud and you don’t have to download and install it. You can access the tool anywhere with any computers and smartphone. 

In case if you need a video-making tool with text-to-speech, voice-over generator and video creator all in one program, you can check out our Vidnami Review and Newscaster Vocalizer for more information.  For more languages and voices, please check out ‘Voicely’. We have post “5 Best Text-To-Speech Voice Generating Software” recently, you can check it out within this link here.

If you don’t want to use the auto-generated voice software and wish to look for external supplier to get it done for you manually. You can as well get your video professionally done with CIYA Media


The update is absolutely free, whenever they have rolled out the update, it will be updated automatically without your involvement.

Now you can grab Speechelo for a one-time payment of $67, but if you purchase it with the link below you will get a discount of $30 this special offer is available only for a limited time.

Click here to get Speechelo for $30 discount price

10 thoughts on “Speechelo Review – Read This Before You Buy

  1. Hello …
    Curious question here…
    Without looking over the whole website of Speechelo, is there a limit on how many words we can use ?
    Thing is, my grandfather is almost blind , and he was asking me if I can scan the books and turn them into audiobooks …

    Is this possible ?


    1. This is the second time I have purchased this software. I cancel my purchase the first time because of a 1/2 million character limit. I hit that limit in a week because I was turning my books into audiobooks. I re-purchased the software because I am just using it for small articles, but even with that, I hit 100K in just a few days. There 1/2 million characters sound like a lot, but it is not. I wish they would offer more. This is a monthly limit. If you hit the 1/2 million say in a week as I did, they will block you from using it for 3 weeks. If I pay for something I expect to use it. For now I will put up with it, but I don’t know how long that will last.

  2. I have a really bad experience for this company. I purchased 2 items (speechelo and scriptelo), however, i only received scriptelo access information and dont know why one item has been charged twice, so i send a message to help desk. The nightmare begin, they keep asking my email when i purchase, i put down the same email address but be honest may be i did something wrong for the address, i told them about this. They request my invoice for the purchase, it is so funny, i could not receive anything how can I show them the invoice. I can only provide the bank transaction screen capture.
    Every reply i need to send a new message otherwise they will not reply, also every reply it takes one day. I have sent more than 4 new message. The final reply was they put my case to the team head and it was 6 days ago.

    I recommend that people have to make sure everything you put down is 100 % correct, their supporting team is really shit.

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