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Speechelo Review – Does It Worth it?

speecheloreviewMany text-to-speech software are introduced before us. In short, we are slowly getting accustomed with some advanced and technological inventions. They are helping us in our modern life. To be very specific we must know about Speechelo – the latest invention of technology that is helping people to start turning the content into audio to use it either in YouTube and other software platforms.

This option has largely benefitted online marketers, youtubers and podcasters in many ways. On the other side, most of the people are highly comfortable with the voice being recorded and presented in the form of a video. If we see it will be found that people did not like to record their voice in any way. But this process has removed all such barriers and made the work much easier and smoother for people.

What is the actual meaning of Speechelo?

The other name of ‘Speechelo’ is ‘text to speech generator’. It is a wonderful invention that has helped a lot of people all across the world. The main trick is included within the software that includes artificial intelligence to convert any type of written text into audio read that is found in the form of human voice. Thus it feels great to hear all the noted things in human voice.

We can get many such devices that provide the voice in the form of human but sometimes it appears to be very artificial or robotic. It is not always acceptable to the people. But this device is a great one in the sense which the voice that appears from the device is exactly sound like a human voice. There is no such artificial thing included in the voice.

Vlad and Stoica are the two main people who have built such an amazing device. It is mainly aimed with the purpose of video marketing from YouTube. The initiative was a great one in all aspects. It is a great platform that has been dominated by the marketers for a long period of time. The main aim of inventing or introducing Speechelo was a text to speech software that can assist the marketers to generate great human-like voice over the videos.

It is such a software that can be smoothly run on any browser on either PC or Mac because there is nothing to download. It is also great and easy to use this software. The best thing about the device is that it has immensely helped people.

How does Speechelo work?

Only through three steps Speechelo generates a human voice speech. The first step is to have the text paste in the script box. In the second step, the user has to choose one from a total of 30 voices. In the final step, the user has to generate and download the voice-over audio speech. One should know that almost everything is done in the dashboard of the Speechelo. Mainly three panels are involved for doing each of the steps. The user has to paste the text into the script panel and they can easily make the adjustments in respect of the volumes of the audio.

User can also add ‘pauses’, ‘breath’, etc, to make the sound much natural and realistic. In respect of the AI generated voice the user can also use a standard voice to carry out all sorts of adjustments. It mainly depends upon the user how they would make the adjustment. Apart from voices the standard voice will let the user to add special emphasis on words. It is always better to stick with the AI generated voice as it would sound much better and clearer.

However, there are some foreign languages that may not support AI generated voice. In such a case, the situation will be different. The setting panel will allow the users to choose the voice settings. The default voice is available in the form of United States English language in the name of ‘Billy’. The user can also choose other English languages like UK, Australian or even Indian.

The user has the option to generate as much voice as they want and they can also merge voice over or even delete the same if required. It is always wise to generate short paragraphs and sentences separately as in case of any trouble over the voice it will be easy to fix them separately. It will be easier to generate them and merge them in the last panel.

What is the exact cost of Speechelo?

It is estimated that the approximate cost of Speechelo is about $47, if you are paying in other currency. It is a onetime fee. In many places it is advertised that the approximate price of Speechelo is $100 with about 53% discount. But it may be a marketing tactics to pull a good amount of customers to engage. Let us try to get some of the latest rates of Speechelo that can help to know about the price to a good extent.

• Pro Upgrade version of Speechelo is $47. This is for 3 months.
• Tube Upgrade version of Speechelo is $37. This is great for Youtuber.

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One can easily decline all these add-on offers but if anyone is interested in Speechelo for YouTube the matter would be something different. One can come across a wide variety of competitors in the market but they should go with the one that is reliable and reputed. It will be a cost-effective one and time saving at the same time. If we run after the cheap ones it can cause a lot of problems in the future. Rather it may not work properly.

Pros and Cons of Speechelo:

Let us try to find out some of the noted pros and cons of Speechelo. Just before opting for Speechelo the most common question that may arise in our mind is that is Speechelo good?


• It generates a very good and natural sound and this is the main opportunity and advantage of using Speechelo software.
• It is very easy to use it with some simple steps.
• One has ample voices to choose from a long list. This may not be available in any other system.
• It is also available in the voice of foreign languages.
• One can also avail the facility of voice customization.
• It can be easily used in any browser either on Mac or PC platform without download and install, which is a very good thing.
• In case of standard use, the onetime fee is enough. No other fee is to be paid.
• Pro Upgrade will always assist the user to make money by providing good training. This is a very good option for the users.

All these lucrative features and pros have just made it a great thing. But as we all know that if there are pros there should also be cons. The most amazing thing is that Speechelo has very less cons. It is almost negligible for the users.


• The first con is that the audio preview is very short
• It does not allow file uploading.

However, with these cons and disadvantages it is simply a great tool than lessen.

How can one make money with Speechelo?

This is a very interesting question where one will try to know the exact way of making money with Speechelo. One can create a new income stream from YouTube videos for their blog and this will increase the path for earning money.

It is only through the Standard version that will allow the user to do this process. With the great use of the software the user can make money from the voice. Apart from this, there are several other processes that can be adopted for making money. One of them is to sell several services on Fiverr. Even the other categories can also allow the users to make money.

They are as follows:

• Voice overs
• The process of making article to video.
• By simply translating the videos into other languages.

With these steps and process one can simply earn a lot of money. Mere earning of money is not a solution but it should be earned properly and through proper steps. In the present time, people have ample options before them. It is only possible with the involvement of advanced science and technology.

It is strongly believed that Speechelo is the most convenient tool-to-use cloud software. On the other hand, Speechelo comes with several other uses and they are creating videos, sales videos or educational videos, or sometimes Facebook videos. In short, one has ample options before them and they can use it accordingly.

But if anyone wishes to plan and create videos mainly for other persons they can create an income stream where they can make back the initial investment. So, what are we thinking now? It will be a wise decision to opt and move on with Speechelo. This is because the present trend is towards Speechelo. Even the review is very convincing and attractive at the same time.

It will be nice to go through the reviews and take a wise decision for opting it. If we are once habituated with these system we will never look back and take the older ones. That will be great in all respects.

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