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This AI Text To Speech Generator Can Disguise Anyone’s Voice 

Speech synthesis is a process in which artificial speech is generated. A device or software that has the ability to simulate or model human speech is known as a speech computer or a text-to-speech voice generator.

This technology, referred to as ‘text-to-speech, is also called assistive text to speech, reading the digital text aloud. For this reason, some people call it “read aloud” technology.

The touch of your finger or the press of a button can trigger it. TTS can take text from digital devices like Android phones, laptops, etc., and converting them into natural sounds. The Text to speech voice generator is really beneficial for children who have issues with literacy. Furthermore, it can assist students in writing, publishing, and organizing their thoughts.


Since the beginning of the 1990s, text to voice generators has really evolved to powerful AI systems that can deliver next to real-world speech.

Great AI TTS Softwares that Can Disguise your Voice

Voicely Text to speech voice generator



Voicely is an AI-powered text-to-speech voice generator software that can mimic your natural voice. It is web-based but does not need software to be downloaded and has up to 400 voices and 60 languages that are included with it.

Several websites across the internet are using voicely for their video and marketing campaigns. You can program this vocal synthesizer with 300+ different dialects, accents, and styles. The voice tone may be used to produce a particular emotion or to distinguish between levels of emphasis.

Voicely gives you total control over the playback speed, pitch, sentence accent, or intensity of the entire script and modifying accent emphasis on words, including the rise and fall of the individual phrases.

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Speechelo Text to speech Voice Generator


Speechelo can generate text-to-to-speech output. The app uses artificial intelligence to translate text to synthesized, natural voices. There are plenty of text-to-to-speech generators, but they are either very expensive or too unnatural.

Vlad and Stoica were a team of software developers who produced a line of products known as Specularo. Both video marketers use this suite.

Speechelo was developed to help businesses obtain high-quality voice-over recordings for their adverts and marketing campaigns. You can run this program on either a PC or a Mac since there are no necessary downloads or installers. Instead, you use Speechelo’s online interface, and everything happens in the cloud.

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How Text-to-speech voice generators work




Text-to-speech generator software almost fits all personal digital devices, including desktop and mobile computers, smartphones, and tablets. Word papers, as well as all sorts of other popular word documents, can be read aloud. Some of the TTS systems could even narrate text documents on web pages.

They also mark the texts as they recite the words. This helps the children to see the text and hear it simultaneously.

Typically, the TTS voice will read at a normal speed, but you can adjust the speed and rate by which the speech is delivered. Speech quality varies, but certain Text-to-speech voice generators sound more like real people. And you can adjust the voice pitch to mimic a child’s voice.

Optical character recognition (OCR) uses software to transform individual letters in text into graphics (OCR). Optical Character Recognition is designed for use with text-to-speech (TTS) software. For instance, your child might capture some text forms written on a board using his android phone and have the words read aloud by TTS software.

Types of Text to speech voice generators

There are several text-to-speech voice generating systems for your digital platforms, device, and computers.

  • Website-based TTS technology

Some websites have text-to-to-speech software built into their site. For instance, some websites like ttsreader, ispeech can help you generate natural voices from text documents. Web-based means that they have their files stored in the cloud, and so your device needs to be connected to the internet to make use of their services. Some of them, like Voicely and Speechelo, can also translate website text files to natural voices.

  • Internal text-to-speech systems

A lot of devices come with text-to-to-speech capabilities. This consists of smartphones, laptops, and desktop computers, as well as Chromebooks. There is no additional software required for your kid to make use of TTS Technology on these platforms.

  • Text-to-to-speech programs: general-purpose voice recognizers

Additionally, there are many comprehension software applications available for desktops and laptops as well. Besides other tools and media reading and writing, these systems also feature text-to-speech features. Read and write and Claro reader are software programs that can help you with text-to-speech generation. Microsoft’s Immersive Reader also has the text-to-speech component it is most often used in programs like Microsoft OneNote and Microsoft Word.

  • Text-to-speech, synthesis Applications

TTS (Text-to-Speech applications) are available for digital tablets and smartphones. For all of these applications, you’ll see text in colors, as well as barcodes and optical character recognition. Some examples include Office Lens, Voice Dream Reader, and Claro Reader, etc.

  • Google Chrome Extensions

Chrome is a pretty modern platform, and it offers many text-to-speech applications. These include Read & Write for Google Chrome and Snap, Read & Read Universal. You can use this software collection on every device with the Chrome browser, such as on Chromebooks, other PCs, laptops, netbooks, and tablets.

History of Text-to-speech voice generators

Pope Sylvester II (lived in the third century), Albertus Magnus (d. 1280), and Roger Bacon (d. 1294) were among those who were said to have witnessed the inception of the first speech synthesis. In 1779, Christian Gottlieb Kratstein was awarded the first prize for human speech and vocal tract models to develop the five long vowels in total.

In the 1930s, Bell Labs invented the spectrogram, which took voice samples and automatically mapped them out their underlying fundamental frequencies and overtones. Synthesized speech has moved away from the massive vocoders, which are still used today, to computer-based systems over the last decade.

While previous attempts to produce speech that sounds more natural included simplifying the frequency-expanded artificial or natural speech utilizing actual people models, more recent work has sought to try to incorporate the actual frequencies of the human voice.

The predominant use of this has been to displace an old methodology known as diphthong synthesis, in which speech was first split into separate phonemes, and then each phoneme was modeled. For all languages, the central zone of articulation is the most frequently reproduced, and therefore any phoneme in the language can be modeled.

How Text-to-speech voice generators can Help Your Child

There’s a lot of printed materials in the educational setting. Ranging from paper books and handouts—that can cause difficulties for students with reading problems. Some students find reading and writing difficult because of the number of words they have to deal with in books.

  • The Text to voice generator utility allows for these obstacles to be overcome.
  • Additionally, as it offers both sight and sound when reading to young readers, it provides a multi-sensory viewing experience. They have discovered that the relationship between visualizing and hearing text: Researchers have discovered that visualizing text and reading to be complementary.
  • Allows the speaker to recognize more words
  • Increases reading comprehension and the number of knowledge kept in memory at the same time
  • Ensures that children concentrate on comprehending rather than attempting to sound out words
  • keeps students engaged and interested in school assignments for long periods of time
  • Teaches children to recognize and correct mistakes in their own writing
  • Unlike music CDs, which won’t improve reading abilities, your child won’t get distracted when listening to audiobooks.

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