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Viddyoze Animation Video Maker Software Review – Update September 2020

Viddyoze Review


Our online electronic society is saturated with digital natives and soon-to-be immigrants. In
such a world, we often experience blitz of trends originating within the digital media.
One of the biggest pacemakers of this digital logarithm is the use of short videos to
promote or inform.

Content in the form of videos gets digested and absorbed quickly by the viewer, which
is the only essential beauty of this strategy. You easily throw abstract visions to your
consumers, and they will take as long as its in the form of animation. Well, not the
spirited away kind, smaller formats such as clips or mock-ups.

Have a new website? Make a stunning introduction using animation! Want to promote
your brand? Create a video animation! Video animation is booming with endless
possibilities, and we see the potential for both creators and consumers.

However, the true subject of this post is to clear another dilemma. You know video
animation is the best channel to make a Rockstar introduction in the digital realm. Sure,
but how do you go about it? How do you create stunning animations that hit the right
note every time? How do you make the animation to grab attention and create
conversions among your customer bases?

Well, with a little treasure hunt, we have an answer to all the above quandaries “Viddyoze” the ultimate automated video creator!

What Is Viddyoze? – A Complete Breakdown


In brevity, Viddyoze is an intelligent video creation platform and a vast reserve of
animations, intros, logo stingers, and live-action animated videos. The website’s claims
suggest that this video creator can spur flawless and engrossing animations in a matter
of three clicks. They aren’t joking about that; it really takes three clicks professional
video that, upload the logo, and tap on render. Viola!

Click here to visit Viddyoze Official Website!

The video maker has quite an evolutionary history, with the first launch in 2015 to the
final Viddyoze version 3.0 in 2019 and the best one so far. You can opt between three
modes- personal, commercial, and agency according to your animated content needs.
To ensure better service and functionality, the video creation platform offers groups the
ability to render multiple videos, color palettes, and generous access to their
customization services.

Here are a few domains for which the Viddyoze video creator is the most useful for:

  • Creating promotional social media videos
  • For introducing your websites, business, or brand
  • Creating GIF. Or short animations for email leads and marketing
  • Creating professional videos and animations for commercial use
  • Making YouTube subscription animations or introductions

There are so many other bells and whistles that make the platform quite functional. We
appreciate that Viddoyze lets you mitigate the factors such as skills, time, and money by
creating animations and videos the fit your content entirely without much hassles.

What is inside The Viddyoze Complete Package?


The Viddyoze video creator platform is surprisingly simple and straightforward. To get to
choose from three different membership options, including personal, commercial, and
agency. Both the personal and commercial editions of the video maker alone offer more
than 170 templates that you use to create powerful videos and animations of your logos
or graphics.

Videos commercial is designed for professional usage, allowing a colossal number of
rendering per month. With the personal version, you can only create 30 animations or
videos per month, which might not be ideal for professional projects.

There are several noteworthy upsells as well, such as the Viddyoze template club,
which gives you access to over 1000 templates along with 15 animations per month.
Since the platform constantly adds to the vast library of templates, you constantly
receive new and trendy foundations to create your content on.

The Tech Factor Behind Viddyoze

There are a lot of things coupled together that make Viddyoze the “it” video creator, with
its technology being the most significant foundation. The video maker uses a live-action
technology which enables you to upload your still logo or graphic into a live-action
video. To give you a better perspective of this wizardry, you will need a team of experts
and a crew to make a live-action video. Viddyoze lets you do that on a single platform
without any assistance in a matter of minutes. Sounds like a miracle, eh, but sometimes
miracles do happen.

Why are live-action videos so hyped?

Live-action videos are more charismatic than any other type of content. They are more
instructive and create better engagement with the audience; in other words, live-action
videos are more relatable. Video content is generally when used for advertising, evokes
a better compulsion for consumers to purchase a particular product or service.

Viddyoze- is It Really Worth It?

Briefly, before the introduction of this video maker, the company did say that they are
bringing forth a tool that will change the world of content creators and digital media. Did
it? Heck, Yes, it did!

If you have experienced the lethargic and laborious video and animation making
process, you will understand the potential behind this video creator. You no longer have
to fret the manual video and animation making process because there is a quicker and
more intelligent method of doing that.

The drawback is you can’t add a customize audio to the video. In case you need a voice-over automation software that generate text-to-speech script, you can check out this alternative “Speechelo“.


  • Ultra-simple approach to video and animation making
  • Less time consuming as short as two minutes
  • Best for business and social media marketing
  • Better customer engagement and conversions
  • High-resolution templates, videos, and animations
  • Quick rendering time
  • Reliable customer support
  • Affordable


  • The customization is limited
  • No prospects for adding customized audio
Our Verdict

The most striking feature of the Viddyoze video creator is its simplistic approach to
content creation. The website interface is smooth and navigable, and as a tool, it does
the job that would otherwise take you a couple of hundred dollars, a team of experts,
and a lot of time every single time. This video maker does all of that and more in a
matter of minutes with the help of trendy templates. It also gives you a better choice
between all forms of content for both professional and personal use. Now, is it a value
investment? Yes, because it does offer a high quality, engaging, and aesthetically
pleasing videos and animations. We would recommend the commercial edition as it
provides you a better value for money. Happy Creating!

Alternative to Viddyoze video maker: Vidnami, Speechelo

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