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Voicely Review | Text-to-Speech Natural Voice Generator Software

Sometimes, people cannot afford to hire a professional voice artist to add a voiceover to their videos, which can cost a lot of money. A voice can make the perception of a video more natural, but finding a voice-over artist sometimes is challenging. However, technology has advanced a lot in the latest years. Thanks to text to speech generator software, it is possible to include a human-like voiceover in your videos without contacting a professional. You don’t have to spend too much to create an excellent video!


Nowadays, most individual content creators do not hire people to do voiceovers because of high cost but looking for a text to speech natural voice generator software. No, these are not the typical “robotic” voices you are used to hearing on Google Translate; as the name suggests, the voices are so natural that your videos’ quality will be unaffected. People often discard videos that sound like a robotic voiceovers, but you can easily avoid this now.

This time, we’ll present you Voicely by Vidtoon, a new text-to-speech software developed to enhance your experience while creating videos, make your work more easy and save cost.

Click here to check out the official website of ‘Voicely’.

What is Voicely?

As mentioned above, Voicely is a software developed to act as a text-to-speech natural voice generator. It is a web-based platform without program to download, it comes with 400 voices and up to 60 languages. Many content creators around the internet have been using one of the main tools for their videos. The program is developed and integrated with Azure AI, IBM, Google and Amazon. Select the accent, dialect, and style from 300+ voices into a single piece of software.

Voiceovers are an excellent addition to any video. Subtitles are good sometimes, but hearing someone talk and paying attention to the full content is a different and better experience as some people hate to read while working on sometimes while listening to video at the same time.

Many programs similar to Voicely exist, but not all of them can provide such high-quality results. Some of the voices used by some text-to-speech software often sound unnatural and robotic and can quickly tell, it may probably why many people will quit seeing a video with narration made from software.

On the other hand, Voicely allows you to add distinct voices in several languages. You can select between gender voices, depending on your preference or what you think your audience will like better. The tone of voice can be adjusted to register a specific emotion or emphasis a phrase. You can play the reading speed of the entire script, also the sound pitch, sentence break, accentuate and accents can be modified simply to your desire.

Why use Voicely?


There are many reasons why someone would want to use Voicely. For instance, you may not have enough money to hire a freelancer. Voiceovers cost a lot of money, and freelancers often take their time to complete projects as they work with multiple clients simultaneously.

Other of the reasons to use this excellent text-to-speech natural voice generator includes:

• You think you do not have the talent to do a voiceover or are bad at reading scripts.
• You have difficulties varying your voice tones. We don’t blame you; it’s difficult to learn this skill without proper training.
• Your target audience speaks a different language (i.e., English), and you have a bad pronunciation.
• You want to expand your possibilities and would like to start making content for people outside your country.
• You don’t own a microphone or the proper equipment to create the appropriate voiceovers for your videos.

The list goes on, and every reason you may have to want to use this text-to-speech natural voice generator is valid.

Voicely can be used by many people around the world, from those who create content on YouTube to those who work with ads, podcast, audio book for instance.

How does Voicely work?

In the next section of this Voicely review, we’ll explain how this text-to-speech natural voice generator works in a step by step detail.

Voicely’s functions and interface are simple to use and easy to understand. You will be able to use the software’s exclusive features once you’ve access it on your computer device. Once you’ve opened the interface, you will have access to multiple settings instantly without downloading anything.

You can choose between different voices and play with them until you find one that suits your tastes. Let’s see how to use this program in detail!

Step one: Choose the text you will use to create a voiceover, and paste it into the Voicely’s editor on the left hand side.


This step is easy. You can either enter a few words to “test” the program or paste the script that you have already written.

Voicely was designed to interpret the different grammar, punctuation marks, and other important rules related to languages to deliver a natural voice with each request.

Step two: Choose your preferred language and gender option


Unlike other text-to-speech software, Voicely allows you to select an “age” for the voice you will use, not only the gender. Therefore, you can pick to have a young male voice or an old female voice with different level of pitching sound, for instance.

Besides this, you can play around with the languages to test more functions. All voices include the same functionalities, so you don’t have to worry about learning something new every time you pick a unique sound. The interface of the program won’t change when you select a different language for the voice.

It’s also worth noting you don’t have any limits when it comes to words. Paste as much text as you want. However, please consider it will take more time to create larger voiceovers.

Step three: Create your speech



For the next step, you must click on the “Generate TTS” button in the button setting section. Then, you will be able to listen to your voiceover. There are another additional feature tabs, which allow you to add your own voice and background music playing simultaneously with the speech. By clicking on the ‘play’ button, you will create the speech for review.

Step four: Keep customizing your new voiceover

Again, Voicely has included more features for those who enjoy creating videos with text-to-speech generator software with natural voice. Some of the functions this includes are the following:

• You can select the voice type, the tone, emphasis, speech break and even the reading speed.
• Do you want the video to look more professional? You can also add background music to make this possible. However, please note this is unnecessary, and it’s up to you to use this function.

Step five: We’re all set-up!

Your voice over is finally done! Once you’ve created the narration, Voicely will generate an MP3 file compatible with any program you may use either for audio or video editing.

Click here to check out the official website of ‘Voicely’

Pros and Cons


  • Over 62 languages
  • More than 528 voices supported
  • More than 150 background music tracks
  • Speech Synthesis Markup Languages (Numeric Recognition)
  • Simple and easy to use interface
  • Compatible with various video editing software (ex. Camtasia, Adobe Premier Pro, Vidtoon and Audacity)
  • No monthly fee or subscription
  • Get the full version with one time payment


  • No auto-translation between language feature

Voicely is an excellent option for those looking for voiceovers for their videos.

There are many text-to-speech software around on the market, but a few of them offer advance customization possibilities. If you would like to have full control of the voice you’ll include in your videos, we highly recommend using Voicely for this purpose.

Voicely won’t require you to pay monthly or annual fees. Once you’ve paid for the product, you’ll have it forever!

Click here to check out the official website of ‘Voicely’

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