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Weebly Review – Is It Any Good or Really Free?

4/5 has become the globe’s biggest website building tool with over 50 million sites being built. Weebly is different from other website builder tools in that they focus on developing and improving their technology for better performance and functionality rather than on aggressive marketing campaigns. was sold to eCommerce Company Square in 2018. After the acquisition, we did notice a minor thing, new features are gradually being released to the public. We have a mixed feeling toward this company after swapping owners, anyway it isn’t something bad about it.

Weebly Review

Weebly is a website builder tool helping to create websites in an easy way by drag-and-drop and include over 40 mobile-friendly themes. Just like other all-in-one site building tools, it has a photo gallery, blog and online marketplace where you can get all the cool apps. These apps are developed by third-parties. A user can get a free-plan at Weebly, also if you need to use your own domain name you can sign up for the cheapest option for $12 a month. 

Our first impression with Weebly is the ease of use and really simple to implement everything. It is like traveling to a foreign land with a map and navigation signs at hand and knowing where to walk without getting lost. The simple editor operates with a drag-and-drop style that makes your granny able to create a website within minutes.  

The company keeps the pricing option limited and simple for your decision. The free-plan comes with a forced Weebly ad at the footer, there are 3P premium plans ‘Personal’,’Professional’ and ‘Performance’ available. We will discuss the price plans.

We have tested Weebly website builder tool, we can say that this handy builder is made with full resources for establishing larger websites. If you plan on creating a smaller personal blog or mom and pop store or even a dentist website, we recommend you to check out or for designing small sites.

Programmers or web developers will find it so easy to add code or modify the site a bit. There is no limit on what you can do with your website on Weebly, except you cannot change the structure and elements.

Basic UseConnect a DomainGroup & OrganizationSmall Business & Store
$0$5 / m$12 / m$25 / m
500 MB Storage500 MB StorageUnlimited StorageUnlimited Storage
Domain with Weebly BrandingConnect with your domainConnect with your domainConnect with your domain
Free SSL SecurityFree SSL SecurityFree SSL SecurityFree SSL Security
Remove Weebly AdRemove Weebly Ad
eCommerce SupporteCommerce Support

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use: Even your grandpa or grandma can create a website with a single mouse
  • Responsive Themes: Weebly has a load of impressive design templates and mobile-friendly.
  • App Marketplace: You can get extra apps such as form. counters, or image galleries from the online store. Some owned by Weebly while others by third-party.
  • Team Management: You can assign each role to your team member
  • Membership Access: You can set your website to be publicly visible or allow specific chosen people to view your website. You can run a subscription service as well.


  • Rigid Design: If you like total freedom, Weebly may not be for you and you may want to use WordPress instead. You can still change many things on the design but not its structure and elements.  
  • Not for international traffic: If you plan to make a website in Chinese and Russian languages, forget about it. Weebly has blocked traffic from China, Russia and Ukraine. Sounds like a pro-government organization.
  • Expensive price plans: has a cheapest price tag with rich resources and similar features.
  • No media storage like wordpress: You need to upload each image you want to use with each element because Weebly doesn’t keep your file like WordPress media gallery.
  • How Easy is Weebly
  • The core feature of Weebly is its ease of use but how simple it is. If you are used to wordpress, it is just like dragging an element from the left and dropping it on the right in the layout.

Is Weebly Simple To Use?

Elements on Weebly are organized and placed nicely on page. It is easy for users to find the right one to use without browsing through the entire place and you won’t find overly-lapping elements.


Working with texts is as simple as writing down your ideas on a paper. The navigation menu works wonderfully which allows a user to deep down to menus and submenus.

Weebly’s customer support team is excellent in providing professional service to their clients. You can get through them either by phone, email or live chat. Their knowledge base contains a lot of questions that can handle your issues well. For a newbie, there are clear tutorials and step-by-step guides available on how to sign-up and set up a website with precise explanation.


Weebly website builder tool is impressively made for users who have no coding or technical knowledge. It is great for creating a larger website with more than 30 pages and multiple-tier subpages. It has sufficient resources to assist you with the design and layouts.

There are many beautiful design themes available from Weebly that you can choose to use as you want. They are all mobile-friendly and responsive to devices. However, you can only work with the design on your website but not the structure and elements. Weebly has a rigid system, unless you are a freedom user, you can head to check out which has more flexibility and it has the automated solution known as (Wix ADI) which can automatically create a website for you with a few clicks. 

There are many useful apps available which can come in handy especially if you are running an eCommerce website, apps like online purchase, order form and sales tracking are available as well. Keep in mind that some apps are third-party made and may not be available any longer from the time you visit the marketplace. 

Weebly isn’t cheap compared to other similar website building tools. However, I suggest you check out the free-plan for a month and if you like it, you can upgrade to a paid plan.

Overall, Weebly scores high for every output they offer. For simplicity, powerful eCommerce platform and fabulous templates that make Weebly a better choice for many users. However, there are some rooms for improvement such as working on increasing more new features and more on enhancing design selection.


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