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Wix Website Builder Review – Is It Good and Free?


If you have been browsing the internet for a while, you have probably come across and heard about ‘’ on websites headlined ‘Wix Website Builder Reviews’ or advertisements through Youtube, website banners and even Facebook ads. This company seems to be heavily investing in advertisement campaigns to gain a market share in the digital industry.

Wix is a website building tool that is known to have built a lot of brand awareness from the past years and now have become the biggest players in the market. Now the company is hosting more than 160 million websites across the globe. 

Brief Introduction to

Wix has developed a simple drag-and-drop site builder tool for small to medium size websites. They have a library filled with 100 free site templates. Besides Wix positioned itself as a renowned website building tool, it is also providing hosting and domain registrar services. The building interface makes it easy to add extra functionality like fancy image gallery or Ecommerce.

Why Should You Choose Wix?

The simplicity of its visually spectacular arrangement interface is made for compact businesses, retail stores, local schools and consultants and artists like writers, photographers, musicians, etc. Available for mobile devices as well, with countless applications available in the ‘Wix App Market’.

Imagine you compare Wix with a car, you can’t modify the entire structure or how it was made but you can paint the car to your enjoyment (theme), and add better engines, wheels or audio equipment (image galleries, forms including other apps). 

Honestly, we have tested Wix building tools to create a single website for experiment. We didn’t have any plan in mind, we just headed over to the website, signed up and started playing around the control center to see how it works so we can complete our ‘Wix Website Builder Review’ project.  Also we want to keep the security and apps update out of our mind, it means wordpress is not a choice for us.  

We work on making a mobile site with a responsive theme, we picked both Weebly and Wix but we chose Wix just to give it a try. As for Weebly, there is insufficient resource to make our site look good on mobile devices. Wix offers every useful tool you could think of, from image filter to animated texts while the rest is up to your creativity.

VIP Unlimited Combo Connect Domain
First Priority Support Entrepreneurs & Freelancers For Personal Use Most Basic
$24.50 / m $12.50 / m $8.50 / m $4.50 / m
Unlimited Bandwidth Unlimited Bandwidth 2GB Bandwidth 1G Bandwidth
20 GB Storage Space 10 GB Storage Space 3 GB Storage Space 1 GB bandwidth
Remove Wix Ads Remove Wix Ads Remove Wix Ads 500 MB Storage Space
1 Year Free Domain 1 Year Free Domain 1 Year Free Domain 1 Year Free Domain
VIP Support 2 Free Apps Valued $60    
Social Media Logo Files      
*Change can be subjected to change at anytimes. is a free platform for anyone at all levels to use without expiration. Unless you need a domain name for your website or eCommerce with advanced features and tools, you need to pay for one of its premium packages. Wix has 4 price plans from ‘Combo’ to ‘VIP’. The lower-tier comes with an ad-free plan and your own custom domain name at the price of $4.50 a month.

Recommendation: From our experiment with each of the plans, we suggest ‘Combo’ package is by far the most valuable plan for a single typical website without eCommerce. It is free of ad, gets a custom domain name free for a year and sufficient storage space. Wix isn't our regular platform, we signed up intended for 'Wix Website Builder Review' project to accomplish.


Pros & Cons


  • Impressive Themes: Design and layouts are remarkable and covers many categories. 
  • High flexibility: Wix allows all elements to move around and design the way you want it to look while other website builders have fixed components.
  • Animation: Wix allows animated texts and other necessities on their builder.
  • App Marketplace: There are hundreds of additional apps available in the Wix marketplace such as ‘online booking widget’, ‘form builder’, ‘Pro Gallery’, etcs.
  • Smart Design: Wix Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) is a sophisticated tool that helps you to create a website with its ‘smart assistance’. This tool will automatically connect with your social media accounts, generate forms and let you choose the recommended design for your target audiences. The design can be customization. Unfortunately, this smart design is yet available for all templates.
  • Automatic Website Backups


  • Wix Brand in Free Plan: There is no free lunch. If you plan on using the free option to start your website, the Wix brand will display obviously on the very top of the page before your header start to show up.  
  • Perpetual template: Once you have set your starting theme, you cannot change it later on but you can modify the design and elements on the website. It doesn’t work like WordPress in that you can keep changing the theme after it was set up. 
  • Slow loading time: Wix mobile interface has an issue with its loading time. They are aware of the problem, whatsoever the desktop website loads faster than the mobile theme.


We will conclude our research on ‘Wix Website Builder Review’ project here which entirely based on our thought and comments. 

Wix is working hard on the improvement of their platform and services, moving gradually to make things better in each element. In the past, Wix was a flash-based website builder and now has been way ahead of their competitors in providing great tools and supports.

Wix’s website is great for SEO, it has its capability toward search engine friendly and it can rank well with requirements that comply with Google. However, the slow loading time on the mobile can make your website fallback on the search engine. Overall, it entirely depends on the content in order to get a good amount of decent traffic to your site.

There are around 80 apps that were created by Wix themselves and the rest from third-party developers. It is a huge marketplace packed with useful apps that you can purchase for your own use, rather than having to look for the one you need from outside the marketplace. The Wix Market App makes it easy to get necessities rather than searching merely on for plugins just for wordpress.

Wix is ideal for creating small to medium size websites with less complexity. It will be better if you plan to build a website with less than 30 pages and the navigation menu doesn’t reconcile complicated website layout. If you need to build a larger site, we recommend you to check out ‘Weebly’ which is a website building tool with resources to accommodate bigger site structure.

There is a wide variety of pre-built templates available in Wix’s library, unfortunately all themes cannot be changed or amended after you have chosen to use it. However, you can do it manually or redesign them from the beginning.

Wix website builder is way more magnificent and advanced than other tools available. It has improved in many ways from past years with a speedy progress that is fabulous. If you are new to Wix, we suggest you sign up with the free plan to play around and see if it fits your business before you upgrade to the paid version.