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WPX Hosting Review – Is it any better than others


When I first saw WPX Hosting sponsor ad on facebook it caught my attention claiming being the world’s fastest webhosting (it takes guts to say something like this) and it offers unlimited website migration which most web hosting companies do not, well some assist to migrate 1-3 sites but not unlimited. It sounds too good to be true so I decided to do research on this company and here is a brief introduction on the company. 

WPX Hosting was established in 2013 ( a relatively new entry) runs by Terry Kyle, the data centers are in the United States and United Kingdom. Now let’s go through the review and dig a little deeper.  

WPX Hosting has 3 price plans: Business, Professional and Elite. These prices aren’t cheap and they seem to target business owners and professional bloggers to cope with high traffic rather than amateur looking for cheap hosting.

WPX Hosting Price Plans

5 Websites15 Websites35 Websites
10GB Harddisk20GB Harddisk40GB Harddisk
100GB bandwidth200GB BandwidthUnlimited Bandwidth
Free MigrationFree MigrationFree Migration
DDoS ProtectionDDoS ProtectionDDoS Protection
Malware ScanningMalware ScanningMalware Scanning
Staging AreaStaging AreaStaging Area
30-Day Refund30-Day Refund30-Day Refund
$20.83 Monthly (Annual)$41.58 Monthly (Annual)$83.25 Monthly (Annual)
$24.99 Monthly$49.99 Monthly$99 Monthly

All cores features are included for all 3 plans. The starter plan comes with a 10GB storage with 100GB bandwidth and allows up to 5 websites. Ideal for entry-level users wanting to host multiple websites that can accommodate peak traffic and bandwidth with no limitation. 

Professional plan is great for business owners like eCommerce retail stores. It allows up to 35 websites, with a storage space of 20GB (it would be better if they can offer unlimited space) and 200GB bandwidth. 

The Elite Plan is designed for enterprise or big businesses for handling a lot of traffic without slowing down the load time and prevent overload of simultaneous visitors. This plan allows up to 35 websites, with 40GB storage space and unlimited bandwidth.

Core Features

What is WPX Cloud CDN & DDoS?

All plans include ‘WPX Cloud CDN’, you might be wondering what is it? ‘WPX Cloud’ is a super-fast hand built CDN which doesn’t slow down the load time no matter from which country you access the website.

Okay so how about CDN? What is it? ‘CDN’ is short for ‘Content Delivery Network’, it is a system like a small-server near any of your visitors’ locations to help with the load time and run your website faster and more efficiently without being decelerate, and even faster for visitors from the other side of the world. The simple purpose of ‘WPX Cloud CDN’ is to make your website run faster with no boundary.

‘DDoS protection’ is also included for all users, some may not know what DDoS is. It is an attack with overwhelm of traffic flowing to your website at the same time and disrupts the normal traffic. It is like under attack from anonymous traffic source. So ‘DDos protection’ helps to prevent it.

Manual and automatic backups and malware scanning tools are available for all users to keep their websites safe and data secure. Even if you are a beginner with no tech-capability, the custom hand-built Control panel is very easy to operate with a few clicks even with tutorial driven. WordPress installation is so simple with just a mouse-click away.

I know that the pricing of WPX Hosting is much higher than other companies. The company seems to be spending on custom-built tools in website management and focus on the quality of speed and uptime that is why they are charging more. If only they could offer unlimited disk space and hold unlimited websites that would make the price more reasonable. If you think the price for you is too high, you can check out or for similar features with affordable hosting fees.

Our Experience with WPX Hosting

I make it this way, I use the advantage of 30-day money back guarantee just to try out the product before I decided to commit in using it as my regular hosting provider. I go for the trial because they offer to migrate websites for free and I didn’t know how to do it. It took roughly 24 hours to move a single site from another hosting and everything turned out looking well.

I never use up 10GB of disk space so it is fine for me. What I like about WPX Hosting is they offer to help me on the technical side with no extra charge while I can focus more on my project rather than figuring out how to migrate, setup and run my websites technically.

It saved me all the hassle so the difference in price from the previous hosting company is worth paying for their additional services.

Which hosting plan should you go for?

If you are a first time user of WPX Hosting, I suggest you try the cheapest option for 30 days. If the hosting can accommodate your website with decent speed and uptime rate then stick with it if you can afford the price. Try out their customer support section if they can get your issue solved as quickly? If you have a serious project, then I highly suggest you to commit with WPX Hosting, I can say they are quite good in providing a better hosting experience compared to other companies I have tried.

WordPress Hosting with WPX Hosting

This is the main reason why we want to try out WPX Hosting is to test hosting our wordpress website that is packed with contents and media to see how the hosting perform with the speed and loading time. 

We aren’t quite technologically person and have been spending too much time on figuring things out like having to deal with database errors that cause us a lot of headache. The WPX support team helped us get rid of the issues in just 10 minutes! This is a WOW! We are quite impressed with their assistance and allow us to get our work running smoothly. 

The speed tests we have tested are between the range 1.13 – 0.37 which aren’t quite bad. It is significantly faster than any other hosting we have tried. It can load our websites with heavy contents and large images within a single second. We are very delighted!


WPX Hosting has a total of 3 price plans with main focus on wordpress hosting optimization. The fastest hosting on earth is what they claimed, I have no disagreement with that, I have tested and guarantee that it does make my heavy loaded website run much faster than others. For the price that we have to pay it is definitely worth our investment to get a better long-term hosting relation for our projects.

A 30-day refund policy is transparent. You can sign up for the first month and try it out yourself so you can experience it more than reading from our experiment. 

Yes, we do highly recommend it for any user who is serious about their websites to host on WPX Hosting without doubt unless you are short of budget then should head to ‘SiteGround‘ or ‘Hostinger’ which is cheaper with similar features.

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