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Osaka Anime Retail Store Scammed Tourist with Empty One Piece Surprise Eggs

One Piece is a popular television anime from Japan.  If you have been visiting Japan, you may have seen several One Piece toys and accessories available at places like Akihabara and other anime souvenir stores in the country.

Recently, there is a post from the most famous forum website based in Thailand called Pantip. The poor tourist was on a visiting on a last day trip to Osaka, Osakako station there is souvenir store next to the station with Jolly Roger flag from One piece hanging outside, beverage and toy vending machines at the front store that caught the victim attention. Being a One Piece anime fan, he check out the shop with no hesitation thinking to shop for souvenir from the store.

The store clerk is a tall with fair skin woman who can’t speak English, she was pushy with the sale as the victim described. There was a no photo sign inside the store so the tourist respect the policy without snapping any picture from the shop. He purchased a set of 9 small boxes of One piece chocolate surprise eggs for a total of 5000 Yen.

The store clerk wrapped up the boxes with a paper bag with a tax free sign on it. After returning to his home country, the customer unwrapped the bag to inspect that the items that he has purchased turned out to be empty. There are 9 and 7 boxes are empty with no chocolate egg and One Piece surprise toy inside, only 2 boxes have the product in it.

The victim was very surprised and never thought that the clerk in Japan conduct such fraud business practice. Japanese are very honest in general but this store clerk is one in a million. Just because when buying things from fishy store like this.

1 thought on “Osaka Anime Retail Store Scammed Tourist with Empty One Piece Surprise Eggs

  1. The Japanese are not as honest as people think they are. They scam their own people all the time. So this isn’t that surprising.

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