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UWIN29 – An Internet Casino Phishing Scam

UWIN29 is claimed to be an online gambling website that offer the service for customer to top up the fund by using their credit cards! But hold-on, did you know that “UWIN29” is an internet betting site in disguised.

Any person has register with the system but it is setup intended to steal credit card information and offer fake gambling game to visitors with no bridge to deposit and withdraw fund. Beside of that, after registered with your email, it did send out an email embedded with bots to accessing your personal data on your email address to commit fraud.

UWIN29 has been blacklisted by many organizations as a phishing scam platform after receiving many complaints.

Now the website has been taken down. Make sure you do some research before joining a gambling website, there are a lot of scam scattered over the internet.

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